What’s Not to Love: LEGO and The Wizard of Oz

Two of the most enjoyable ways to pass the time — playing with LEGO and watching The Wizard of Oz — are coming together this spring with the opening of the newest LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Kansas City. If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting a LEGOLAND Discovery Center, it’s like stepping into the world’s biggest box of LEGO bricks.

Owned and operated by the Merlin Entertainments Group, there will be 7 LEGOLAND Discovery Centers located around the world by June 2012, but none more special to lovers of LEGO and The Wizard of Oz than the one about to open in Kansas City. That’s because it’s going to feature a very special MINILAND, which is an attraction inside the center that is unique to the Kansas City area where this particular LEGOLAND Discovery Center is going to be located.

Builders at Merlin’s Magic Makers Studios in Carlsbad, California, have been diligently working on building Kansas City landmarks out of LEGO bricks. Here’s the part that has us skipping down the Yellow Brick Road: in addition to Kansas City landmarks, the builders are also bringing the world of the Wizard of Oz to life in LEGO bricks by creating iconic scenes from the movie, including Dorothy’s Farm, the Emerald City, and the Wicked Witch of the West’s Castle.

Needless to say, everyone connected with the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Kansas City is thrilled that The Wizard of Oz is going to play a special role in the attraction. After all, The Wizard of Oz has long been associated with the Kansas area. On top of that, it’s going to offer visitors a chance to experience one of their favorite movies in a whole new and exciting way.

For more information about LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Kansas City, visit their website to see if the display is still available.