What to Look for When Buying a Perfect Pool Table?

Sports are considered a true form of relieving stress or keeping fit, depending upon your preferences. Billiard or cue ball; you can call it by either of the two names; it remains one of the most favorite sport for any age group. Most of us would like to play pool with our friends at the end of a hectic day in a bar; others may want to enjoy it in the comfort of their homes. But buying a pool table can be very troublesome, especially if you don’t know what and where to look for. Store like quedos.com.au can help new enthusiasts to get what they need. Consider the following aspects and get the right pool table for your home.


The first aspect to look for in a pool table is the usage. You have to consider the purpose of buying it; it could be commercial or domestic. Commercial pool tables are the most commonly used ones and an inexpensive solution, but that doesn’t mean they are low on quality. In fact, they are made according to international standards, are more reliable to be used in tournaments. Domestic ones are built according to one’s preferences, style, and choice but can be expensive. Domestic tables are available in various sizes and independent of any international standards.


Pool tables are usually very heavy and have to bear the slate’s weight and support the player’s weight as he leans against or on it. The frame depends on the table; for example, a bigger table must have a quad beam while the smaller ones can have two cross beams. Quad beams are generally considered more sturdy and reliable irrespective of the size of the table. The beams’ purpose is to hold the slate (the playing surface), so a strong one will ensure a smooth game and long life.


The slate is basically the playing surface of the pool table. A lot of attention has to be given to this item because this will determine the quality of gameplay. It mainly comes in two variations; 1 Piece or 3 Piece. As the name suggests, a single piece is one complete surface area without any joints or pieces, while 3 Piece has joints and needs to be adjusted on the frame. Most recommend 3 Piece slate as it’s easily manageable and suffers the least wear and tear. Also, keep in mind the thickness; the thicker the slate, the smoother the gameplay.

Pool cloth or Felt

Pool cloth or felt directly affects the speed of the game. Most tables come with standard grades that might be good for the game, but their life expectancy is low. Woolen grade felt can last for more than ten years but will sacrifice the speed of the game over time. The best option is the Nylon blend grade felt, as it’s not only durable but also increases the speed of the game. Nylon ones are a bit more expensive than the other two options but can withstand the wear and tear much better.

Considering these aspects, you cannot go to the pool table shopping without an expert’s assistance. Keep in mind usage, frame, slate, and pool felt.