What Made Wirestock the Easiest Platform to Sell Photos Online

If you’re regularly complimented on the photos you take, perhaps it’s time to use them in ways that also generate you income. You’re creative, armed with an artistic eye you’re not seeing anywhere else on the internet, why let all of that talent go uncompensated (literally)? Maybe it’s time to take the plunge and start selling photos online through Wirestock; a platform that makes that whole ordeal as easy as it possibly can be.

Wirestock’s Solution to Marketplace Overload

Selling photos online is by no means a new notion, but it does gain a layer of simplicity when it comes to Wirestock. Let us explain.

If you’ve ever researched the easiest way to sell content online, it’s very likely that you were hit

with a slew of search results; stock content marketplaces that would potentially want your content. And while these are by all means major players in the stock photography game, they still require a few manual steps like opening up separate accounts, filling out forms, keywording, captioning, etc. A lot of creators—especially when they are just starting out—can easily feel overwhelmed by the process, causing them to abandon the idea altogether.

Enter Wirestock—a platform that takes care of all the manual steps related to licensing photography, letting creators stick to what they do best instead; and that is creating. With a user-centric approach, the platform makes sure that a creator’s workflow is as easy as it possibly can be; keywording and captioning are weights lifted off your shoulders. On top of all that, Wirestock allows you to submit to multiple marketplaces at the same time, heightening your chances at developing a lucrative and successful side hustle.

Keywording and Captioning Taken Care Of

The easiest way to sell your photos online is to have captions and keywords that accurately reflect what’s depicted within your images. This is done so that consumers have a seamless time finding the images they’re searching for. On the surface, this notion does not seem too daunting until you realize; you must do this for every single photo. There are millions of creators who, while armed with a wonderful artistic eye, simply do not possess the knack for these kinds of things. Writing may not be their strongest suit, or they may not have the best command of the English language; the possibilities are endless, but none of them matter when it comes to Wirestock.

One of the platform’s many draws is that they automate keywording and captioning for you. Wirestock has a team of metadata experts from all over the world to ensure quality no matter where you shoot your content. By mixing human curation, keyword presents, and technology, the whole process becomes incredibly seamless. This means that the only thing needed from you, the creator, is to simply upload your files onto Wirestock, and the manual steps will be taken care of for you.

Keeping Track of Your Earnings

In order to keep track of your earnings (and possibly be able to determine which agency is making you the most money), it’s always helpful to have one single place to turn to. It’s neater, more productive, and eliminates the danger of forgetting about a marketplace you’ve submitted to before. Wirestock oversees this with a clever solution—a single dashboard that helps you track all of your sales from all the agencies without dealing with them individually, even allowing the withdrawal of royalties through a single request. The only thing you need is a minimum threshold of $30.

Mobile App

Believe it or not, mobile apps are still a rarity among stock agencies. This can present limitations for creators who work primarily from their phones; navigating the world of stock photography or learning how to sell photography prints. Not to mention the decrease in motivation when additional technology is involved—some people don’t like working from their computers, and some don’t own one at all. And out of all the major marketplaces out there, Shutterstock is probably the only one that has a mobile app for contributors.

Wirestock’s mobile app is super handy if you prefer working from your phone. You’ll be able to sign model or property releases from it, check your earnings and the status of your uploads on top of being able to upload photos and videos directly from your phone.