What is a Charter Bus?

If you are going on a trip with a large group of people, it’s quite challenging to figure out what mode of transportation you can use. Imagine organizing a class field trip, a corporate outing, or a sports game, but you only use personal vehicles for transportation. That’s quite a nightmare, right? With this, we can say that a charter bus is a much easier and convenient way to travel with a group of people. If you’re from Germany, you can check out BCS, which is a company that offers corporate and private transportation in Europe.

If it’s your first time hearing the term “charter bus” and wondering what it is, you’re in the right place. Read on as we’re giving you more information about charter buses and what they can offer.

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What is a Charter Bus?

A charter bus is also called a coach or a motorcoach. It is a type of vehicle that can be rented by groups, organizations, or businesses when they need to travel. It means that a group of individuals can have the vehicle to themselves and get to customize their itinerary the way they like. They are usually run by private companies rather than public transit agencies. Most of the time, charter buses come with benefits, such as a driver, onboard bathrooms, reclining seats, free Wi-Fi, undercarriage storage space, and more, that will keep everyone comfortable. For your next tour, contact the best bus charter wellington for an unforgettable trip. 

Charter buses usually have large, panoramic windows, allowing natural light to come in during the day. Under these windows are doors that open to reveal storage spaces for luggage and other equipment. The company logo is also printed on the side of the bus. Inside, there are rows of cushioned seats for passengers. Some also have a bathroom at the back of the bus. And above the seats, there are overhead bins where passengers can keep their personal belongings safe.

Different Types of Charter Buses

Charter buses also come in different types depending on how many people a group is composed of, the amenities offered, the distance of the trip, and more. Here are the different types of charter buses that you might encounter:

Coach Bus

A modern coach bus is perfect for a group of 30 to 55 people. It is the biggest type of charter bus offered by most companies and also the most luxurious option. It can offer extra legroom, on-board bathrooms, luggage space, Wi-Fi, and more, depending on what the passengers need.

Mini Coach

A mini coach is for a group of 28 people or less. It usually features large overhead and undercarriage storage compartments. It is perfect for a smaller group who are looking for a comfortable vehicle for traveling.

Mini Bus

A minibus is best for 20 people or less. It is a cost-effective option and convenient for a group of tourists who wish to hop from one attraction to the next. It can also be used as a shuttle service from the airport going to the hotel.  

Benefits of Renting a Charter Bus

Renting a charter bus offers a lot of benefits for travelers. Here are some of them:

It is convenient

Instead of organizing a complicated carpool with lots of meeting points, gas receipts, and travel direction, renting a charter bus can keep the group together throughout the trip, making it more enjoyable. With it, there is only one pick-up point and drop-off point. In addition, a professional driver is responsible for taking you to the destinations your group would like.

Its cost is worth it

Some find renting a charter bus a bit expensive, but we can say that what you pay for is going to be worth it. Imagine renting nine cars, which would also cost a lot. It’s better to rent one vehicle for the whole group where you all can travel together comfortably. In fact, renting one charter bus can be cheaper than renting a lot of vehicles.

It offers a great bonding experience

Most people would surely agree that it is more fun to ride a bus with the whole group. Sports teams, classmates, and corporate groups can spend more time together on the road, tell stories, laugh, and get to know each other on a charter bus. It makes travel time well spent for everyone.

It is more eco-friendly

Renting one charter bus is indeed more eco-friendly than renting a lot of cars. This means that it helps in cutting back on greenhouse emissions. In addition, it also contributes to less congested roads.


Charter buses are indeed a great option for groups who are looking into traveling together. It is perfect for school field trips, corporate team buildings, special events, sports teams, festival-goers, and a lot more. Therefore, if you and your group, friends, or company are looking for a mode of transportation for your next travel, try to rent a charter bus and see how convenient and comfortable it is. We hope this post helped you in learning more about what a charter bus is.