Best Movie Quizzes that You Can Play for Free Online

The internet is filled with quizzes that can test your knowledge about certain topics, subjects, and themes. While there are a million quizzes that you can find on the web, there are only a few that are considered to be the best at asking great questions and at having a balanced difficulty. If you are a fan of different movies and movie franchises, there are hundreds of great quizzes that you can answer to see if you truly deserve to be called a number one fan of your favorite films. Here are some of the best movie quizzes that you can play for free online.

Harry Potter Quiz for Potterheads

Considered to be the true test for Potterheads to test their knowledge on the famous series of books and movies created by J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter quizzes for Potterheads contains some of the hardest questions whose answers could only be guessed by the truest fans of the franchise. Some of the questions you will find in the quizzes are relating to some of the small things that are unnoticeable at first glance in the movie, like the shoes that Harry Potter is wearing during a particular scene or the whereabouts of minor characters in a movie. Some of the hardest Harry Potter quizzes can be found on, so if you feel confident that you are a diehard Potterhead, see if you can get a perfect score in the “The Hardest Harry Potter Quiz for Elite Potterheads.”

Lord of the Rings Character Quiz

For true fans of the Lord of the Rings, which is considered as one of the best franchises in film history, the Lord of the Rings character quizzes allows them to see which character best suits their personality. The quizzes can tell which character you are in the franchise by asking questions that are related to your personality and what you will do in certain situations. The results may show if you are Frodo Baggins, Gollum, or other popular characters, depending on how well you answered the questions. In addition, the results can also tell you more about your character traits, so you will know if you are brave, wise, or cunning.  This may not be sophisticated enough to determine predictive index personality types but can be pretty intriguing. 

Star Wars Trivia Quiz

Star Wars is another popular movie franchise that has millions of fans around the world, and its popularity has led to the conception of thousands of different quizzes about it. The most popular out of all types of Star Wars quizzes is the trivia quiz, which has questions that will test if a fan is knowledgeable about certain scenes, characters, ships, and items in the franchise. There are some trivia quizzes that are focused only on lightsabers, while there are also some that ask questions about only one character, like Anakin Skywalker or Obi-Wan Kenobi. Take on these Star Wars trivia quizzes to see if you are knowledgeable in the different aspects of the movies.

Matrix Trivia Quiz

Even though there hasn’t been a new movie in the franchise in 2003 (although a fourth film is coming soon in 2021), the Matrix remains one of the most popular franchises in the world because of its revolutionary filming styles and its over-the-top story. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that there are still fans out there that would constantly re-watch the three movies in the series and own many posters and figures of the different characters shown in the films. For those fans, the best way for them to show their knowledge in the franchise is by getting perfect scores of different Matrix trivia quizzes that are found online. The questions in these quizzes range from identifying specific items on scenes up to knowing the full names of minor characters. The Matrix trivia quizzes are the ultimate test to the fandom’s knowledge of the movies.

James Bond Ultimate Quiz

There are a total of 26 James Bond movies that have been released as of 2020, so it could be safe to say that answering quizzes about this long-running movie franchise can be quite difficult except if you have been a fan since the 1960s. The James Bond Ultimate Quizzes would require fans to know the intricacies of the 26 movies in the franchise, which is quite a difficult feat since it would be headache-inducing to try and remember every scene and character for all James Bond films. These ultimate quizzes would usually have a difficulty spike where they may ask for an easy question first, but the next question will be much more difficult. If you are aiming to get a perfect score in these quizzes, make sure to memorize every nook and cranny of the 26 films and take note of any trivia-worthy scenes and items.

So, those are five of the best movie quizzes that you can find online and play for free. Like the quizzes that you take at school, it is better to plan a review of your favorite movies before getting into answering the trivia quizzes. The review can come in the form of a marathon or just watching specific scenes of the movies. Once you think that you have enough knowledge about the films, you can go and aim to get a high score on the quizzes.