What are the Top 5 Online Slot Games Based on 80’s Trends and Culture?

For many players, the golden age of the slot machine came during the 1980’s. This was an era where slots remained simple and fun yet brought added excitement and more interesting themes to the party. Today’s slots are more complex and often very involved, and with online slots available at a choice of NZ online casinos the choice is comprehensive. But what if you want to play online slots that take you back to the 80’s? We’ve had a look at five must-see retro online slots that evoke the 80’s theme and culture, and here they are!

Crazy 7

If you’re looking for a taste of the 80’s it doesn’t get more retro than this! Crazy 7 is just that – a traditional, fun online slot that you can find at many online NZ casinos. Three reels, three symbols – that’s sevens of different colours – spin away and line them up! That’s all you have to do to win, and it’s a breath of fresh air in a world of often confusing games. If simplicity, fun and a great chance of winning is what you’re looking for, Crazy 7 has to be the online slot for you!


There’s a lot to love about Safecracker from its gloriously retro interface to its innovative and original symbols. What’s the aim of the game? To crack open the truly 80’s inspired vault with its LCD score screen and get to the jackpot! Not only does it look lovely but it’s easy to play and great fun, and the progressive prizes are attractive to even the most experience players. Spin the three reels and grab a drill, crowbar, money and more, and you’re on your way to big winnings!

Rubik’s Riches

The Rubik’s Cube – you remember them? The annoying puzzle that one kid in school could complete in a few seconds but you never managed? Here it is in Rubik’s Riches, a brilliant 80’s inspired online slot that we think you’ll love. This machine is designed to be notably retro, even down to the sound, and in a neat and original touch there are no reels – instead, you have to complete the Rubik’s Cube! Different, fun and with many ways to win, this is one that we recommend you try.

Jackpot 6000

Is Jackpot 6000 the ultimate retro online slot? We reckon it’ll be hard to beat for old-school style with its fabulous 80’s style one-armed bandit design and arcade background, plus a fabulous sound that has the reels stopping with a satisfying ‘clunk’. The lights are right, the music is suitably tinny, and the familiar fruits and jackpot sign are all here to line up on this simple yet satisfying retro online slot. This is one to bring back memories of dingy arcades and a crowd hovering to jump in when you move on, and it’s great fun!

Creature from the Black Lagoon

Our final choice is this quite superb modern take on a classic 80’s theme, Creature from the Black Lagoon. The gameplay is deliciously retro yet delivered in a modern and up to the minute interface, the look is definitely Hollywood B-movie, and the sounds and pictures come together perfectly to deliver a fun and exciting game that has all the elements of more modern online slots.

Best Online Casino for Retro Slots

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