Ways to Increase the Speed of Your Computer

At some point in the lifespan of your computer, it will experience slow down issues that can be caused by numerous factors. For instance, the operating system of your computer, as well as the software applications installed and running in it, can all cause a performance issue on your machine. Fortunately, there are already several ways on how you can increase the speed of your computer, and below are some of them.

Uninstall programs

One of the primary reasons why your computer may not perform at optimum speed is because of all the programs that it is trying to cater to at the same time. In this case, the digital experts behind biztechreviews.com suggest that you uninstall unnecessary programs, as well as the programs that you are no longer using, to free up some space on your computer. Some of these programs come preinstalled on your computer, and most of them will have auto-update features turned on, even if you have never used them before.

Customize startup programs

Another thing that you can do to enhance the performance of your computer immediately is to customize the startup programs that it needs to load as soon as it boots up. In this case, you just need to access the Task Manager of your PC to have an overview of all the applications installed in it, as well as the amount of RAM that each of the programs uses upon startup. Just right click on the application that you take up the most space or the one that should only run when you command it to run.

Check for any virus or malware

Viruses and malware can also cause your PC to slow down significantly, which is why you must check your computer regularly for you to mitigate any of this malware promptly. It is also a good idea for you to ensure that your antivirus software is updated because if not, then your antivirus may not be able to prevent these malware programs from spreading on your computer. Alongside this, you can also consider applications that offer protection while continuously running in the background.

Leverage disc cleanup

The longer that you use your computer, the more files and programs you tend to accumulate. All of these can also cause your computer to slow down, which is why you should sort through your files and programs from time to time. You can also use disc cleanup or the built-in function in your computer that frees up memory space by removing unnecessary programs and temporary files. Just keep in mind that the effectiveness of this function depends on the RAM of your computer.

To wrap things up, there are several ways to increase the speed of your computer, and the ones listed above are only some of the first steps to take. The key is in figuring out the root cause of the performance issue of your computer for you to be able to address it adequately. There is also the option for you to seek the help of computer experts to boost the speed of your computer and enhance its performance once again.