Warcraft Lich King’s Sword –The Frostmourne

What Is the Frostmourne?

Frostmourne is among Warcraft’s most iconic swords that have a very dark and deep history. It’s an extraordinarily powerful runeblade owned by the Lich King. Frostmourne’s entire existence is based on evil. Whoever uses Frostmourne instantly obtained the power that the runeblade possesses.

Yet, Frostmourne cannot be used by just anyone. It is a huge and heavy sword that could only be usedby a strong and capable warrior. This runeblade possesses extraordinary dark abilities, which can quickly overpower its opponent. Also, Frostmourne can only grow stronger in the hands of a powerful wielder. It also has the ability to empower the wielder and make him undefeatable. Although this sword can make the owner nearly indestructible, Frostmourne also consumes the soul of its owner and turn him into the Lich King.

The Frostmourne’s Appearance

Frostmourne is a large double-edged sword with a skull of a demon on its guard. On each edge of its guard, the sword also has a smaller skull design. The blade of Frostmourne is asymmetrical and has a jagged edge on both sides. As the sword’s name suggests, the Frostmourne has an eerie blue color while its runes and the skull on its guard have an icy blue glow. Aside from that, the sword matches the armor of its wielder, the Lich King. Although this runeblade is larger than an average sword, it may appear smaller when it is wielded by the Lich King, because of his huge structure.

The Origin of the Frostmourne and the Armor of the Lich King

The Lich King’s Helm of Domination, Plate of the Damned as well as the runeblade, Frostmourne, were all created by the Nathrezim (also the dreadlords). The Nathrezim are demons that possess extreme intelligence and are masters of trickery. These demons also study the arts of war and magic, although they don’t wage wars or fights. They prefer the use of proxies while they stay behind and create the change they wanted. With this, the soul of the Lich King was bound to these items that were crafted by the Nathrezim.

The Lich King, however, was an Undead, a being whose soul was trapped between life and death. As a soul, he appeared as a sentient set of armor and runeblade, and not a real being. Nevertheless, this all changed when the Undead Lich King devised a plan of acquiring a champion and freeing himself from the Frozen Throne.

Ner’zhul as the Lich King

Subsequently, the Shadowmoon Clan’s chieftain, and later on the Lich King, Ner’zhul, was an Orc, a humanoid monster closely related to a goblin. When he was still an Orc, Ner’zhul wasn’t evil. In fact, he was a Shaman that has the ability to call the elementals and talk to the spirits of his ancestors. He lived in a peaceful world, along with the race of skillful magic users called the Draenei.

Ner’zhul was also revered by other orcs, so it’d have been him if there had been a leader among them all. Unfortunately, his shaman’s ability unintentionally clouded his vision, leading him and his people down a dark path. Eventually, the Ner’zhul the shaman that the Orcs revered as their leader became the Undead’s lord, the Lich King.

Although Ner’zhul possessed great power as the Lich King, it also poses a complicated situation for him. Because as the Lich King, he is to be trapped in mystical ice where he can only use his powers on a place he is bound. He also needs to serve his master, who is called Kil’Jaeden, the deceiver. Aside from that, as Lich King, his soul is bound to his helm, armor, and runeblade, the Frostmourne. With this, whatever he does to get out of the ice he is trapped into, he still wouldn’t be able to do much.

Frostmourne’s Powers and Abilities

It is difficult to imagine how these sentient armor pieces had managed to caused destructions and conquer lands.  However, although the Lich King doesn’t have a body, the spirit bound to these armor pieces had tremendous powers. The trapped soul was so powerful that there really was no need for a body to function. Besides, the Lich King was able to exploit people and their lands near the Frozen Throne. Through the spread of his corruption, he was able to turn people into the Undead.

Altogether, the Helm of Domination, Plate of Dammed, and the Frostmourne are the pieces of the Lich King. However, even though these were all parts of the Lich King, these parts have their own abilities. For instance, Frostmourne is the eyes and the ears of the Lich King. He can see and hear whatever the Frostmourne sees and hear. With this, the Lich King was able to communicate and corrupt the wielder of the sword.

With every soul it consumes, the sword becomes stronger. Because of this, Frostmourne is a very frightening runeblade, as it can easily shatter any weapon it hits. Also, the Damned Plate makes its wearer invulnerable. In addition, the Helm of Domination is what gives Ner’zhul the ability to control the scourge. It’s also the helm that holds his spirit. If the helm happens to be wrecked, then the Lich King, Ner’zhul, will cease to exist.