From the 80’sThunderCats Series –Lion-O’s Sword of Omens

Back in 1985, the ThunderCats was a very famous animated series. This series presented a group of fictional catlike humanoid aliens on a planet called third-Earth, whose source of life came from an item called Thundera’s Eye. This item is a mystical gem that has a cat-eye image at the center. It is a mighty orb that has godlike powers.

Due to its immense powers, the orb’s existence has kept a secret to protect it from being stolen. However, it was embedded in the hilt of a sword called the Sword of Omens, traditionally passed to a current Lord of the ThunderCats.Only the Lords of the ThunderCats can wield the sword, which gives them access to the vast power that the Thundera’s Eye could offer. Since the Sword of Omens bears the Thundera’s Eye, the sword can be counted as one of the most potent weapons ever to have existed.

The Sword of Omens’ Appearance

The Sword of Omens is more than just a sword. It can transform from a dagger to a full-length sword when its full power is unleashed. This means that this sword can expand and retract its blade depending on how much power the sword needed.

Also, once the Sword of Omens transforms, its blade’s length isn’t the only thing that changes. The sword’s hilt changes too! When the sword is in its dagger form, its hilt curves downward. However, if the sword turned into a full-length sword, its hilt turns upward. In addition, the appearance of Thundera’s Eye changes when it was activated. It takes on the appearance of a cat’s pupil when dormant, while it displays a black cat’s head when it is activated.Initially, in the 1985’s series, the sword’s hilt had green details, and its handle had raised lines running across it. With the 2011 remake of ThunderCats, much of the Sword of Omens’ style remained the same.

The Origin of the Sword of Omens

The origin of the Sword of the Omens is closely related to the series’ villain, Mumm-Ra, an undead evil sorcerer. With his goal of conquering the entire universe, the Ancient Spirits told him that he would need a blade for the most powerful stone called the War Stone (also the Thundera’s Eye).However, a huge sacrifice is required in order to produce such a blade and for its materials to come into existence. Part of the sword’s development is the necessity of a star’s blood, which will cause the destruction of the star system just to have the material.Most specifically, the destruction of the system called Plun-Darr Star System, the planet of the Mutants.

With this, Leo, the first Lord of the ThunderCats and the ancestor of Lion-O, and Panthera, Leo’s girlfriend, helped Mumm-Ra accomplished his objectives.However, Leo and Panthera resisted the destruction of the Plun-Darr Star System.In the end, this resistance led both Leo and Panthera to betray their leader, Mumm-Ra. Nevertheless, Mumm-Ra had succeeded in destroying the Plun-Darr Star System before they could ever do something.Mumm-Ra got the materials he needed and was able to forge the sword of Plun-Darr, a mighty sword with powers that soon rival the powers of the Sword of Omens.

Originally, the Plun-Darr Sword was supposed to be the blade that housed the War Stone. However, Leo had secretly gathered pieces of Plun-Darr and employed the same blacksmith who forged the Plun-Darr sword. He asked the blacksmith to create a sword that would soon become the Sword of Omens. Meanwhile, Mumm-Ra, not knowing about Leo and Panthera’s betrayal, ordered Captain Tygus to retrieve the War Stone from the place it came from. Subsequently, Leo and Panthera took the War Stone from Captain Tygus before he even surrenders the War Stone to Mumm-Ra. Leo and Panthera then inserted the stone into the recently completed Sword of Omens. With this, the War Stone was later renamed Eye of Thundera.With the Sword of Omens, Leo and Panthera fought and defeated Mumm-Ra, who wielded the Sword of Plun-Darr.

Sword of Omens’ Powers and Abilities

The Sword of Omens is powerful enough to be considered as a god’s weapon. Since its fragment came from a destroyed star system, it has the power to defeat anyone and whatever that poses as a danger to the wielder.

Here are some of the Sword of Omen’s abilities:

The sharpness that never dulls – The Sword of Omens was able to cut through everything, from solid rocks to titanium. This sword does not need to be sharpened for this weapon never dulls.

Recall, Levitation, and Flight – Once the sword is recalled, it flies to the wielder’s hand. Also, the sword has levitation and flight capabilities. It also allows its wielder to levitate or fly.

Lightning or energy beams – It is one of Lion-O’s most frequently used skills, to generate lightning or energy beams, using the Sword of Omens. However,the power level of this skill depends heavily on the wielder.