Types of Mobile Car Mounts-what is the Best Option?

The latest vehicle models include modern navigation systems, but in many cases, it is an extra service for which not everyone is willing to pay. Especially when through the data connection you can get the same with your device. To comfortably carry the phone, there are various types of mobile car holders. Let’s see what is the best cup holder phone mount and what are theri advantages and disadvantages of each one and which is the best option for our vehicle.

Types of Mobile car Holders According to their Fixing System

When the user decides to buy a mobile car holder, he looks for a device that ensures stability with the phone itself and for the best holders I will recommend my web site toptenproductreview.com. Preventing the mobile from falling will be the main objective that any car accessory of this type must meet.

Manual or Clamp Mobile Supports

It is the classic type of car holder for mobile phones. It has remained over the years as one of the best sellers for its reliability compared to mobile.

The clamp mounts can be placed safely for the device both on the dashboard, on the windshield or on the different air vents.

Its fastening system is pure physics: Two lateral elements, made of rubber, that act as a clamp, together with an extendable element that allows it to be compatible with most current mobiles. The fixed part has the function of making the necessary pressure so as not to drop the mobile.

Most of these supports allow the mobile to be used both vertically and horizontally. The only drawback that these types of mobile car mounts have is that the device they hold is larger than the standard, which will prevent it from being used.

The Best Deals to Buy Mobile Clamp Mounts for Cars that we have Found

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Here you have to take into account whether or not the mobile has a cover that interrupts the magnetic connection.

If so, you have to put a metal sheet between the case and the mobile, and then the adhesive for the end plate. If there is no cover, just putting the adhesive and the plate will be enough.

Types of Mobile Phone Holder for the Car According to its Location in the Vehicle

Yes, you can use the mobile as a GPS, connect it to the stereo via Bluetooth or make hands-free calls with any of these car holders. Now, where is it better to put the mobile?

Any navigation gadget and accessory cannot make us lose visibility or be a distraction to safe driving. Hence, manufacturers have developed various fastening options that prioritize the functional over the aesthetic. Some of them can be used in any vehicle, others depend on the design of its components.

Mobile Holders for the Dashboard and Windshield

This space is the largest, which plays in favor of the user. You can try different positions to confirm whether or not it interrupts visibility and, above all, if it is not a problem to use it momentarily while driving.

On both surfaces you can use both clamping or magnetic car mobile mounts. Here, these are fixed in two ways:

  • With adhesive or sticker, which is so firm that, once positioned, we cannot move it from the area.

  • With suction cups: both the suction cup and the grip area must be cleaned well to ensure that it remains.

Although there is a large extension of spaces where it can be placed, the ideal is to place it close to the driver, in such a way that with a simple gesture of the head you can see without further distraction, and use it with equal comfort and safety.

Media Models for Air or CD Slot

The different slots for the air conditioning / heating and the CD (if the vehicle includes it), due to their location at the hand of the steering wheel, are one of the most used spaces to place these mobile car holders.

Does it cause any kind of damage to the systems on which it is supported? Unlike! They usually include a rubber that protects the support area, so it does not leave any type of mark. What’s more, it wears out even less over time.

The only drawback of this type of mobile car holder is that not all cars have compatible grilles for these hooks.

Mobile Mounts for Rear View Mirror

This type of mobile support for the car is located, with a light structure, under the main interior mirror of the vehicle. The accessory includes a mounting structure for the rear-view mirror and an extendable accessory to position it at the perfect height to check at a glance and that does not obstruct visibility ahead.

Although it is one of the least inconvenient in terms of visibility, precisely, it has the great disadvantage that to manipulate it, it is far from the steering wheel, which to a certain extent, is more unsafe.

Car Mounts on the Steering Wheel

Finally, we find mobile phone holders for vehicles that are not placed on the dashboard, behind the steering wheel, which is limited to the car model, but directly on the steering wheel.

This is one of the least used models, since the viewing angle is not the most advisable, and it is not always comfortable to maneuver with the vehicle.

Likewise, you have to contemplate that mobile phones are increasingly larger. And not all steering wheels have the same internal surface to place this type of mobile car holder.

What is the Best Option Among all these Types of Mobile Car Mounts?

As long as your vehicle supports it, and does not impede visibility or safe driving, either of these models is acceptable for its function. And do not forget that there is a regulation applicable to these accessories in the vehicle that can also limit your choice.