4 Signs Telling You It’s Time to Fix Your Air Conditioning

Millions of people live their lives totally dependent upon their air conditioning units. As with most appliances, people don’t have the luxury of simply switching them on and ignoring them. There will be regular maintenance to perform and services to put in the diary. If these things are ignored, there could be trouble ahead. Even when people take full care of their units, however, issues can still present themselves.

Fixing the problems

As we will see, some low-level tasks can be performed by the owner of the unit, whilst others will require technical assistance. According to the professionals at this website, some companies can supply and install the AC units, and also provide help with such issues as water or refrigerant leaks or thermostat issues. Fortunately, these technicians often come quickly, and many offer emergency support 24/7.

Let’s now take a look at four key areas that can cause grief for AC unit owners.

1. Restricted air flow

Every AC unit will have an air filter, no matter what type it is. Over time these can get dirty, and the dirt then clogs up the filter. In turn, this causes the AC unit to freeze. Owners of air conditioning units should consult the product guide to see how often the air filters need replacing.

It may be once a month or once a quarter. If the home is full of dander-covered pets and the machine is in constant use, the filters may need replacing more often than specified. One simple test is to hold up the filter to the sky and see whether the light can penetrate it. If it doesn’t, it needs replacing.

2. Warm air not being expelled

The culprit here could be the condenser coil. Over time it gets assaulted with such things as soot and pollutants (ask residents of New York City!). Once it is dirty, less air will be expelled by the appliance. If the transfer of heat is affected, the machine will then become overworked, and it will reduce the life of the AC unit.

Condenser coils are located outside with the compressor. This is why they are vulnerable to nature and the elements. It is possible to tackle the issue yourself. First of all, turn off the electricity, then clean it with a hose. This should be done once per annum. If it has been left too long, however, it will need professional attention. Special chemicals will then be used to remove the grime.

3. Low refrigerant levels

If the refrigerant levels are showing as low, this could be for one of two reasons:

  1. Not enough was supplied on sale.
  2. There is a leak.

The unit needs refrigerant in a similar way that a car needs oil. It is the chemical that enables the air conditioning unit to remove both the humidity and the heat. If things are not as they should be, the temperature will fluctuate up and down during the day.

If the coolant escapes, the unit will become too hot. If there are leaks involved, a technician will likely be required to identify the source/s. This will take time and money. If there are too many leaks, the whole thing may need replacing.

4. Drainage issues

Water is meant to traverse the drain line and go into the pan. It then moves from the pan to the drain. The process short circuits if the drain becomes blocked because the pan will overflow and send the water back into the appliance.

The issue begins at the drain line, where dust and dirt build up over time. If it is not addressed, the wall, floor, ceiling, or furniture could be damaged as a result. The damp conditions that follow will then become a breeding ground for mold and mildew. The unchanneled water will grow spores, and musty smell will be generated in the room.

Drainage issues

There are other possible issues people can experience with their air conditioning units, such as malfunctioning fuses and breakers, capacitors, compressors, and evaporator coils. The unit could start to make odd sounds or even die completely. People should keep an eye on their air filters and condenser coils. Any leaks of water or refrigerant should be addressed promptly to prevent further issues. Anyone who is unsure of the root cause or is unable to tackle it safely should involve the help of an air conditioning repair Denver professional.

We need to steward our possessions in order to get the most out of them. If we regularly maintain our AC units, we should be able to enjoy the appliance as it works at its best and functions for the longest possible time.