Three Styles of BMX Bikes and their Uses

BMX Biking is an American sport that originated from motorcycle motocross racing. The BMX actually started from children imitating the freestyle motocross racers. It seems that young adults became tired of the regular track racing and decided to change the format of bike racing. Soon it became a sport and grew alongside the expansion of what a BMX bike is today.

The first BMX bicycles were created in the early sixties when Schwinn made the first bike. The first BMX Bike was called the Sting Ray and it was created to be used on dirt tracks during racing.   By 1977, the American Bicycle Association (ABA) was organized as a national sanctioning body for the growing sport. In April 1981, the International BMX Federation was founded, and the first world championships were held in 1982. Since January 1993 BMX has been integrated into the Union Cycliste Internationale. its also now a Olympic sport.

Many races are held with riders who use BMX bikes or you can enjoy the sport of racing or just take your BMX on a mountain bike ride to see the scenery. There are places that you cannot reach when you are traveling by motor vehicle and some of these places are just too far to walk. You can find that it is more enjoyable when you use your BMX to ride to some of the scenic sights that are available all across the United States and Canada.

The BMX is a bike that is now used all over the world for racing and touring. You will find that many people who enjoy riding bikes prefer using a BMX when they are going on tours across country. The motocross racing has taken hold in many countries as well as using the BMX for tourism. Many places like to watch the action of being able to see how well young people can handle their BMX bicycle when it comes to motocross racing. BMX is the initial for Bicycle Motocross and it is now well known as an extreme sport.

Many of the cross-country races that are being held are done on the BMX bike, which makes it the number one cross-country bike to use for racing or just to enjoy the view. Today the BMX is the bicycle that is used for motocross racing that takes place in many countries around the world. The BMX is an excellent bicycle to use when you are planning to tour different parts of the country. Young people use this bicycle for motocross racing because it is the official bicycle used for the sport.

BMX Dirt Bikes

The BMX Dirt Bike was the first bike used for motocross racing. This BMX Bike can take rugged terrain and make good speed. It has all the qualifications needed in this rugged sport to make the sport interesting and very exciting. There are tournaments and events held every year to determine whom the best are when it comes to motocross racing. The events are held according to the age of the bicyclists given out even rougher terrain for the more experienced BMX Dirt Bike rider.

BMX Racing Bikes

The BMX Racing Bike is usually used for shorter runs but still in rough terrain. The first BMX Bike was made in the early sixties by Schwinn Bicycle Company and they named the bicycle the Sting Ray. The Sting Ray could go very fast and it was able to take rough trails. The BMX Racing Bikes of today have the same capabilities made for those who enjoy motocross racing. You can use your BMX Racing Bike for touring if you like. It makes a great mountain bike because you can go over rough terrain covering trails with ease. If you would like speed then you will find that this is the bike for you.

BMX Freestyle Bike

Many people who like to be stunt riders use the BMX Freestyle Bike because you are able to jump ramps, over vehicles and do other tricks. This is a great Bike to use if you are doing motocross racing as well. It will make great speed and can cover rough terrain. It is a very sleek BMX Bike and it is best suited to be used for stunts.


When you are riding the BMX Bike, you should always wear a helmet for safety. The helmet could save your life or prevent you from getting serious head injuries.  Be aware of the terrain and the course or trail your on and make sure you stay safe and have a great time!