Understanding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Thorough understanding of this disorder

Many people have heard the terminology ADHD but really do not understand exactly what it means to the person who suffers from this disorder. ADHD suffers affects 10% of young children who attend school. The biggest percentage of children affected is boys but some girls are affected as well. This is a behavioral disorder where the child acts without thinking, is very hyperactive, and has problems focusing. The child understands what they are expected to do but cannot manage to sit still long enough to carry out the task. Many times the symptoms are not recognizable because most small children act in the same way when they are bored.

ADHD-afflicted child at school

This is very serious for the child who suffers from ADHD because it impairs them to the point that they are not able to function socially, academically, and at home. The child starts acting up more and more in school grades fall behind and socially they usually do not have many friends. The teachers are at wits end trying to get the child to pay attention enough to stay with the class and keep up with what is happening in the classroom. You notice that your child is having problems concentrating and won’t cooperate with anything that the family is doing.

Unsure future of a child with ADHD

This is a serious problem because it affects the child’s future as well as the life they are having as a child. You know that without help your child will not finish school or be able to hold down a steady job. The future of your child is in jeopardy causing you to panic even more. You only want the best for your child and after trying everything humanly possible you are about to give up but do not because there are solutions to this problem.

Three types of ADHD

There are three types of ADHD, which can be treated with medication and behavioral therapy. The child’s doctor must determine which type of ADHD that the child has in order to determine the right type of medications and behavioral therapy is necessary for your child. The three types of ADHD are:

  1. The In Attentive Type of ADHD
  2. The Hyperactive Impulsive Type of ADHD
  3. The Combined Type of ADHD

It will depend on the type your child has as to the medication that the doctor will prescribe. It is important to remember that your child is not “bad” but suffers from ADHD Behavioral Disorder.