Things You Must Know To Select the Best Inverter Battery For Your Home

Price is usually one of the most important criteria on which people make their inverter battery buying decision. However, this is not the right way of choosing the best inverter battery for our homes. Instead of focusing on the price of the battery, one should focus on factors such as battery capacity, battery technology, and warranty. So, if you too are looking for an inverter battery and would like to know why you should consider these factors, here’s a detailed description. Let’s read on.

Battery Capacity

The reason why we buy an inverter battery is that it should provide the required power backup during a power cut. So when selecting a battery the first and foremost point that you need to consider is the battery capacity. It is a measure of the charge the battery can hold. Higher the battery capacity, more the charge it can hold, and therefore, more the back up it offers.

Now let’s say you want to buy an inverter battery but are unsure of what battery capacity you should opt for. Here’s how you need to calculate it.

Formula for Battery Capacity

Battery capacity= (power requirement in watts * backup-time * aging factor) / (battery voltage*battery efficiency*inverter efficiency)

Constant variables (These numbers are constant for every case)

Inverter aging factor = 1.25

Battery efficiency = 0.8

Inverter efficiency = 0.8


  1. Required backup = 2hrs
  2. Battery voltage  = 12V

To calculate your power requirement, you first need to make a list of appliances that you would require during a power cut. Then add up the power required by each appliance to find out your exact power requirement.

Let us say you would need the following appliances.

  • 8 LED Lights (7 Watts each)
  • 2 Tube Lights (40 Watts each)
  • 3 Fans (70 Watts each)
  • 1 LED Television (70 Watts)
  • 1 Refrigerator (140 Watts)

The total required power consumption comes out to

[(8*7)+(2*40)+(3*70)+(1*70)+(1*140)] = 556 Watts

Therefore Battery capacity = (556*2*1.25)/(12*0.8*0.8) = 181 Ah

Important Note – Always buy a battery with a battery capacity that’s 5-10% higher than the calculated battery capacity. That’s because as batteries age their charge holding capacity deteriorates.

Therefore in this case since the calculated battery capacity is 181 Ah, we recommend you to buy an inverter battery with a battery capacity of 200 Ah.

Battery Technology

The next most important thing to consider when buying an inverter battery is the battery technology. Here are the 2 main types of batteries based on battery technology.

  1. Flat Plate Batteries
  2. Tubular Batteries
  3. Gel Batteries

Flat Plate Battery

Flat plate batteries are a type of lead-acid battery and are recommended for areas that face frequent and low duration power cuts. That’s because these batteries get charged very quickly as they come with a faster rate of charging. So if you live in an area where there are long duration power cuts, this battery is not apt for you. Also, flat plate batteries have a shorter life span. Flat plate batteries are recommended for those who are looking for an economical inverter battery and are okay with a shorter term warranty.

Tubular Battery

Just like flat plate batteries, tubular batteries too are a type of lead-acid battery. They are big in size, and therefore, you need to have more storage space for installing these batteries. They are best suited for areas with long power cuts.. Also, tubular batteries are more reliable and come with longer warranties. And the best thing about these batteries is that they require very less maintenance. They require fewer water top-ups as compared to flat plate batteries. However, be prepared to shell out a little extra from your pocket because tubular batteries are relatively costlier.

Tubular batteries can be further categorized into short and long tubular batteries. Long tubular batteries are bigger in size, and therefore hold more charge as compared to short tubular batteries.

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