The Household Appliances That Are Making Your Electricity Bill Skyrocket

If you’re constantly confused by how high your electricity bill is, then perhaps one of your household appliances is to blame. Energy-draining appliances such as dryers and air conditioners are often secretly making your bill skyrocket, so an easy way to reduce your costs is to use them efficiently. Read on to learn what appliances to keep an eye on, and to find out some tips for reducing their consumption.

Besides not being careful when using your household appliances there’s another important element that determines your electricity bills. Choosing the right energy plan for your house has a huge impact on preventing bill surprises. Pulse Power is one of the most trustworthy electric companies you can find, offering electricity rate plans for your home with fixed rates, which provide a welcome sense of certainty when it comes to your energy bills.

Air Conditioner

During summer, your air conditioner is easily the most energy-draining appliance in your home. It’s normal to be tempted to leave the air conditioning on constantly and enjoy the refreshing air, instead of suffering in the Aussie heat – but unfortunately this leads to some costly energy bills. One simple way to reduce the electricity usage is to turn it off at night, when the air is naturally cooler. You can also shut your Day & Night blinds, windows, and doors during the day to keep the heat out as much as possible.


Most people don’t realise how much fridges contribute to their electricity bill. Fridges look like they shouldn’t consume much power, but because they run 24 hours a day, it all adds up. Luckily, there are a few ways you can lower the cost of your fridge, such as making sure you close the fridge door quickly and avoid putting hot food straight inside. It’s also helpful to maintain your fridge properly by clearing away any frost build-up and cleaning dust off the condenser coils.


It’s well known that dryers can make your electricity bill skyrocket, but it’s hard to avoid using one during the winter months. Definitely dry your clothes on the line as much as you can, but when the weather is too cold and rainy there are a couple of other ways you can reduce the dryer’s energy consumption. Make sure you don’t overload your machine, and put your clothes on an extended spin cycle in the washing machine to ensure the dryer doesn’t work too hard.


Most TVs these days are enormous and have incredibly high-definition screens, so it makes sense that they contribute a fair amount to your power bill. Part of the problem is that lots of people leave their television on for background noise when they are doing other things, or even leave the room and forget that it’s still going. It will make a big difference if you use a radio for background noise instead and put your TV on power-saving mode or turn the brightness down when you are actually watching it.


If you use your oven inefficiently, it can easily contribute to a high electricity bill. However, there are several cooking tricks you can use to reduce energy usage. These include using lids on your pots, choosing the right size burner for the pot you are using, and always defrosting food before cooking it. It’s helpful to plan ahead as well, so you can multitask your oven and cook a few things at the same time, or batch cook a meal so that you have leftovers for the rest of the week.

Contact A Professional Electrician

The best way to understand your electrical usage is to enlist the help of a professional electrician Perth. If you contact a local, residential electrician in Perth, they will be able to explain how to lower the energy usage of your household appliances. It’s always the safest choice to go with a reliable expert, as they can also check if there are any inefficiencies causing a high power bill and conduct an electrical safety check.