The Reasons Why Private VPN Is The Best VPN For Android

Having tried out a number of different VPN services that are compatible with Android devices, we came to the conclusion that Private VPN is the best one. Some of the others that are worth a mention include IP Vanish, Cyber Ghost VPN, Nord VPN, and Express VPN. You can read more about the best vpns on android with Privacy Spark.

Best VPN for Android- Private VPN

Private VPN provides its customers with a really reliable connection, a super secure service, excellent customer support, and a no data logging policy. According to AVG vpn review, the AVG Secure VPN app for Android offers the same ease of use. The quick connect button was centred on the screen when the app first began. By tapping on the Change Location text, you can manually change the server.

The connection speeds are fast and reliable, making them comparable with some of the bigger, more well known VPN services. When downloading content via the company’s servers, you will average speeds of around 62.9 Megabits per second (Mbps).

With it being so easy to use, especially for streaming content online with, the service is well suited to those individuals who may have never used a VPN before. With a single subscription to Private VPN, customers are able to connect up to 6 different mobile devices for use at any one time.

The company has more than 150 servers that are located within 60 countries throughout the world. Although this sounds impressive, it is not actually as big as some of the more established VPN providers. All of their servers are correctly labelled so that customers know which ones to use for the purpose of streaming music and video content. That being said, some of their servers are not able to get around the geo restrictions that are put in place by Netflix.

However, when Private VPN is used in stealth mode, customers are able to quite easily bypass these types of censorship and geo restrictions. Because of the dedicated servers that the company has, customers are able to fully access content from streaming services, such as Hulu, ABC, Amazon Prime, and Netflix.

These servers are based in a number of different countries that include Italy, USA, UK, Peru, Canada, and Germany. However, even with these servers, customers are not able to access BBC iPlayer.

When using the VPN service to browse the Internet via public Wi Fis, 2048 bit key encryptions are used in order to keep customer’s online activities secure. In an added method of privacy, the service also protects against potential 1Pv6 leaks and does not store any of their customer’s activity logs.

Best Customer Support

Should you need any help with using the VPN service, the company has a live 24 / 7 chat feature, where customers are able to talk directly with members of support staff.

Once customers initially sign up to the Private VPN, they have up to 30 days to decide whether or not they want their money back. If they decide that they do, then this is done without any questions being asked of them.