5 Greatest Real Estate APIs

Innovative technologies are becoming a part and parcel of the property world these days. Digitalization serves as the key trend which means we have more and more mobile and web software enabling people to handle real-estate objects online.

To succeed in developing such systems, one shall decide on the source of the most accurate housing data. Actually, there exist multiple possibilities in this regard, however, the most optimal one would be the application of certain property APIs.

Here’s the list of the best APIs you can take advantage of.

Mashvisor API

The presented solution is designed for real-estate investors, as it allows the following:

  • Ability to develop an enhanced operation plan. The API enables people to precisely calculate the potential profit investors can make dealing with a particular piece of property in a defined region;

  • Tools to look into the state of the market. Interested parties can take advantage of Mashvisor API to analyze current market conditions;

  • A chance to invest efforts and time more productively. API in question provides multiple useful instruments, and access to the complete database on real estate is one of them.

Main benefits of the Mashvisor API

The success of this service could be ascribed to the value it grants. Here are the key aspects:

  • Advanced data on the real-estate sector. More specifically, investors will have the possibility to figure out what real estate object is more favorable for investments. It means, the API helps calculating potential revenue taking into account various issues, say, a certain location, and the like. And, users obtain the results of data analysis to draw sound conclusions.

  • Details on any property of interest. When one is determined to create a successful app for the real estate business, he should consider the application of this API. Parties concerned get full info about a specific real-estate piece, including, its description, square meter price, construction year, concrete location, multiple photos, ecological conditions, etc.

  • Data on the owners. To find the right real estates to invest in, it’s also critical to compile info on people who own it. And the given API delivers those vital details.

  • Advanced instruments to analyze data. There are solutions that allow only superficial reviews of facts provided. However, Mashvosir API offers all necessary means to accurately predict the future revenue in the given region.

Estated Data API

Such a service is in demand cos it serves to easily locate accurate and reliable particulars of a real-estate object by specifying some characteristics. There’s a wide variety of specialists – say, insurance experts, brokers, VCs, etc. – who will enjoy those possibilities. It seems to be that Estated Data API is hardly the most affordable option, however, it’s only at first glance. If you look carefully, you’ll see that its features allow saving certain resources, and when efforts and time are optimized, funds are also being saved.

Main benefits of the Estated Data API

While applying this API, one can enjoy such benefits, as:

  • enhanced real-time US housing info that gets constantly updated;

  • a simple implementation of the solution (detailed documentation is provided);

  • advanced customer database;

  • extensive flexibility due to easy licensing;

  • a clear and transparent pricing strategy;

  • easy integration of property data.

Walk Score API

Moving on, the next program offers both web and mobile solutions that people are free to apply to obtain the needed info on properties. On top of everything else, users will be able to assess walkability indicators at specific locations. These days, the service is accessible in the USA and Australia only.

Walk Score API could be applied to develop portals and ensure real-estate searching functionality. In fact, the features it delivers will impress many customers.

Main benefits of the Walk Score API

  • different packages available (paid and cost-free);

  • convenient integration;

  • reliability and accuracy of data granted, even when using a free-of-charge version.


Such a system enables the development of sophisticated mobile & web software with the ability to integrate Multiple Listing Service (MLC) databases. The API was designed to allow handling real-estate data as simple and convenient as possible, which is exemplified in its name.

Main benefits of SimplyRETS

  • More opportunities for programmers. The API in question gets along with a large variety of programming languages. On its list, you’ll find such options, as PHP, Python, Node.js, Curl. Every developer can select the favorite language to deal with;

  • Convenient and clear prices. The program offers 3 tariff packages to choose from;

  • Facilitated integration procedures. The SimplyRETS owners have built a system to make the process of designing web and mobile services pleasant and easy.

 ATTOM Property API

Last but not least. The presented API will turn of great use for real-estate entrepreneurs. The system is truly effective and applicable to diverse property markets. Have you heard of Foresight Information or SetSchedule? Those are the businesses that take advantage of the ATTOM services.

Main benefits of the ATTOM Property API

  • Enhanced housing database. The program provides data on over 150 mln pieces of US property, and that number is still growing. That info is advanced and covers multiple aspects, for instance, the criminal situation in the area, details on housing owners, and the like.

  • Variety of data. Users get the chance to receive details on a particular region of all types or levels starting from national one and up to smaller locations.

  • No-fee trial period. People can enjoy all the possibilities of ATTOM without paying anything. It helps to see what the API is capable of and figure out whether you need it for your business.

  • Decent support. The ATTOM team appreciates every client and helps to integrate the program easily and smoothly.

Here are our top 5 property APIs that are quite helpful and effective. Now it’s your call to decide which of them will better fit your company’s needs.