The Personality of James Monroe


James Monroe was about six feet tall with blue-gray eyes and dark wavy hair. He was known to possess a warm personality, which made people at ease in his presence. Some even thought that he looked like George Washington when he was young. James became the fifth president of the United States of America in 1817 at the age of 59. His presidential legacy is how he greatly influenced national and foreign policies.

This article will unveil his personality and qualities, which made him the leader during the “Era of Good Feelings.”

Natural Leader and Versatile

James Monroe possessed an innate leadership skill because he was known to succeed in negotiating various people from different walks of life, especially when it comes to financial and business matters. He was realistic; that’s why he knows that economy would play a great deal in his leadership for the country to prosper.

Because of his determination, resilience, and practicality, political opportunities, social works, and diplomatic affairs come knocking at his door. 

He inspires people because of his vision, which others are incapable of understanding. Also, he is a good judge of character who was helpful because he attracted the right people. He trusts his cabinet members’ capabilities and talents; that is why scholars regarded his cabinet as the assembly of great minds, which made them a strong one.

Status is important 

Yes, he can indeed work with people from all walks of life. Still, looking at this in a positive note, his desire for extravagance and comfort became the root of his motivation for his leadership to be commercially and economically centered. He sees an opportunity from the victories they had and to flaunt how strong, stable, and capable he is as a leader. He became a little stubborn and overbearing as he handled the Panic of 1819, which led to bank closures and bankruptcies due to the West’s expansion. Economic and political conflicts are inseparable; that is why Monroe’s administration fosters solidarity in social gatherings, state visits, and contract engagements to attract foreign investors in the country.

Deliberate thinker

Growing up, he excels in school and most everything he does. He knows his significant goals and can look at the problems from all sides. So much so he practiced the law of attraction, especially in his leadership. He had several successful negotiations in Europe. What makes him achieve this goal is his perseverance to attain his visions of an independent nation to loosen its independence to Europeans into reality.

Together with the plan of expanding westward is an admirable personality of James Monroe. Along with the help of John Quincy Adams, they were able to convince Spain to sell Florida for $5 million. 

With the Missouri Compromise, he attempted to balance the free state and slaves, making the United States divided into half.

A Dedicated Public Servant

He served in public service for five decades. Tracing his timeline, he started to fight for the Revolutionary War at 17 while he was in William and Mary College, Virginia. He was also part of the Continental Congress and elected as the Governor of Virginia for numerous times. He was also present in France during the French Revolution for his diplomatic affairs. He was even appointed to work on the Louisiana Purchase negotiation. He even held two cabinet positions as the Secretary of War and as State Secretary before he got elected as the president in 1817.

Enjoys a luxurious life

He enjoyed horseback riding and hunting. He was even the first president to ride a steamboat.

His interest in elegant living deepened when he served as the ambassador to France. He was captivated in French food, clothing, and even furnishing. He brought it to the newly constructed White House in his tenure, ruined in the War of 1812.

Well-liked by his colleagues

Prominent personalities in American history such as George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and John Quincy Adams are fond of James Monroe. Thomas Jefferson stated that James Monroe was so honest that there won’t be a spot on his soul even if you turn his soul inside out.

During his leadership, the “Era of Good Feelings” made a tremendous effect not only to its citizens but also the political parties does not argue nor debate about issues.

Due to his popularity, no one ran against him during his second presidential election.

Forthright to his decisions

His legacy, the Monroe Doctrine, is proof that James Monroe does not want interference in his leadership. He wants to lead independently without the European nations meddling with the USA’s politics and even colonizing their lands.


James Monroe’s affability and dedication made him a strong leader. He used his personal and professional experiences to hone and expand a great nation. His foreign policy left a considerable impact not only in the United States but as international law in terms of territorial issues, which is why he was able to gain respect and admiration up to this day.