The Quest for the Best-Tasting Burger

For everyone who loves burgers, there’s always the quest to find the perfect hamburger. Whether it is at your local burger joint or fast food restaurant, finding the best-tasting burger is the goal of millions of burger lovers around the world.

Of course, with everyone having their own individual taste there is arguably no such thing as a burger that everyone will agree is the best. However, there are many traditional restaurants, burger joints and even fast food diners that have developed a reputation for creating the best tasting burger. At least this is the opinion of a large number of burger lovers.

The quest to find the best-tasting burger in your region starts by doing a little research. Focus on the two basic types of restaurants that serve hamburgers; the chain restaurants and your local burger joints.

Chain Restaurants

There are a number of chain restaurants that have developed a reputation for creating the best tasting burger. Their history stands as a reminder that chain restaurants all started as a single, local restaurant that offered a particular type of burger which most people loved. After becoming a success, their recipes were duplicated and are now used at their chain restaurants. However, the downside is that what might taste great to the people of one particular community may not be shared by those who live in another part of the country.

There are a number of chain restaurants that offer what many consider to be some of the best tasting burgers in their community. This may be because they take the extra care to add in more local ingredients or simply emphasize the quality of their burger over getting it out as quickly as possible. Many might consider chains like Burger King or Five Guys to be among the best, but they may not taste the same in different parts of the world or even within one country but that’s not the case with the food stalls at the tiong bahru market!

Local Burger Joints

The local burger joint is generally considered a place where you can find the best-tasting burger in town. Their reputation is built on the fact that they do not have to compromise their ingredients and can ignore the latest trends while featuring a burger that many find delicious.

However, not every burger joint offers the best tasting burgers. Just because they are local, it doesn’t mean that have fewer problems than those of chain restaurants. Still, they are generally the places that most of the local “foodies” and food critics adore when it comes to the best-tasting burger.

How to find the Best Burger in Your Community

In order to find the best burgers in your locality or anywhere else, you will need to experiment a bit and take chances on places that you might not have heard of before. However, you can get a few leads from family and friends who will have their recommendations. Take these as a start, and then focus on trying out each joint one at a time.

Local Newspapers: There are food critics in the newspapers who can guide you towards the best-tasting burger in town. They usually have some favorite spots and will list them on a regular basis. You should particularly pay attention to the list of best burger places from readers who vote in polls.

Online Resources: There are many online sites that offer their take on the best burgers from Anchorage, Alaska to Tulsa, Oklahoma to Miami, Florida and beyond. These can be a good source for starting on your quest as well.

Overall, it takes a bit of looking around and experimenting, but you can find the best-tasting burger in your community with just a little effort. However, if you want to try your hand at making delicious burgers at home, you’d need the right equipment. To this end, we’ve prepared a list of some very handy burger presses below:

This Weston Burger Press makes burger patties of around 4.5 inches and weighing from 0.25 to 0.75 pounds. You can choose to get the model with or without the patty ejector, but including it makes it easier. You’d be glad of this press when whipping up a large batch of burgers for a barbeque party or to freeze for everyday use.

All you have to do is press in the ground meat and your seasonings into the machine, then drop out perfectly made burgers in the same size each time. You can also add in your choice of stuffings to make special patties. This press is also suitable for making crab cakes, sausage patties, and even two patties at once. You may adjust the patty thickness from 0.25 inches to 1.25 inches.

The material here is aluminum, which gives a heavy and high-quality feel. Since every patty comes out with uniform thickness and size, you’d not just save time but also be sure of getting just the right size for perfect cooking.

Hamburger Patty Press Mold Maker

If you’re sure about the size of burger patties you require, a plastic mold is an inexpensive option. It will allow you to measure out patties with a 4-inch diameter very quickly, whether you’re using turkey, beef, or even crab meat.

This burger press may not be a fancy steel or aluminum option, but it gets the job done fast enough. You might have to press down the meat properly on your own, though, as this is just for providing a uniform shape and size. It’s made of light, durable, and BPA-free plastic, so you may safely take it along on camping trips for perfect grilling on the campfire.

If you don’t want a plastic mold for your hamburgers but still need a simple, inexpensive option, this might be your best bet. It’s made of stainless steel, which is a much better and safer option than aluminum or plastic, especially if something’s coming into contact with your food.

You’d be using this simple mold by hand in order to press upon the burger meat and get a perfectly round, flat shape for each patty. This would be great for those who have to make patties on a regular basis and want to make as little mess as possible. The construction here is sturdy and durable, with a high enough quality to withstand several years of regular use.

Stuffed Burger Press

With a stuffed Burger Press, it’s apparent that even vegetarians can enjoy their own variety of burgers. This package also offers a recipe book with about 5 vegetarian recipes, with 30 wax papers included.  Overall, you get a professional result each time and have the means to store your patties properly.

There are three features in the same device here, which allow you to create classic, stuffed, or even mini burger varieties. You can make tiny sliders for your next party, or create stuffed patties for a hearty meal. What’s more, the device is easy to clean as well as user-friendly. It’s lightweight, with non-stick coating, and safe for the dishwasher. There’s even a video tutorial that you can learn from in order to make your burger experiments easier.

There are also burger presses that come with a porcelain plunger for popping out your burger patties with perfect ease. The porcelain material makes for a classy and clean appearance, along with making the whole device much easier to clean. This press will allow you to save a lot of time, keep your hands, clean, and stay comfortable while making a load of burger patties.

The base is an innovative dimpled design here, meaning that your hamburgers or veggies burgers will retain their shape while cooking and make sure to stay flat. This will also allow for even cooking on all sides. You’d also be able to make stuffed burgers without much hassle, and the mold will make sure everything stays inside the meat.  Use turkey, elk, or salmon for a change; this press will help you get it all in perfect shape for grilling, cooking, searing, etc.

An aluminum burger press is equipped with double holes and a non-stick coating for easy patty-making. You’ll also get 50 patty papers with this deal on Amazon, which will help you in safely freezing the patties for later use.

The press will help in making hamburgers, breakfast sausage patties, or patties using fish, legumes, lentils, and poultry meat. When you’re throwing a party, the food is one of the most important items to consider. With this patty press on hand, you don’t need to be afraid of making a large amount of party food anymore.

The unique feature of this particular burger press is the wooden handle. This is preferable to other material for the comfortable handling, allowing you to make several patties without cramping up your hand. As an added bonus, the handle is washable and durable as well.


If you want a burger press for every sort of patty, you can’t go wrong with the GreenBeat Stuffed Burger Press. This will help you make several sizes and thicknesses, so it’ll be the last press you need for your party and everyday needs.