Learn More about the Snyder Family of In-N-Out Burger Fame

Every customer loves a good burger. In fact, it has been a part of the world’s famous cuisine that dated back from the early 4th century. Subsequently, as time goes by and as the idea of this recipe spread all throughout the world, several food chains, as well as family restaurants, are now serving burgers. So, if you’re thinking about having a quick bite, burgers, double toppings, and unique crispy fries, combined with a refresher, In-N-Out Burger never goes out of style.

According to the 2018 Technocomic survey, diners who eat out with kids chose not only a particular menu but also a particular place. Guess what? In-N-Out Burger ranked the highest when it comes to family satisfaction. With76.9 percentage of satisfactory rate, this restaurant is said to accommodate even the pickiest of eaters!

So what’s their secret? Well, their secret lies within the customizable menu that the initial founders have brought forth.

Although the In-N-Out has simple menus, the chain would never fail to satisfy the taste of a wide range of customers. Furthermore, part of the restaurant’s success lies within the company’s motto, “Our customer is everything.” With this, In-N-Out let its customers order pretty much anything they wanted.

Notable for its customer-centered approach, In-N-Out Burger allows its consumers to specify their orders. Whether you wanted a four-patty burger, a veggie burger, grilled cheese, plain fries, or with toppings, In-N-Out will make it out for you.  The store even accepts requests like cutting the sandwich in halves or getting a split shake for siblings to share. Sounds promising, right?

If you’re wondering who is behind all these delicious and satisfactory treats, you came in the right place. In this article, we will be introducing the Snyder family that built the In-N-Out Burger fast-food chain.

Meet Harry Snyder! (The President and Owner from the Year 1948-1976)

Born on September 9, 1913, Harry Snyder was an American businessman who was one of the initial founders of the renowned In-N-Out Burger fast-food chain. Along with her wife, Esther Snyder, the couple was one of the first people who developed the concept of a drive-thru.

They initially opened the In-N-Out Burger in the suburb of Baldwin Park in LA, California, on October 22, 1948. Interestingly, the said fast-food chain is deemed to be the first drive-thru in California.  During the 1940s, Harry was known to be the man who visits the market early in the morning to look for the best cut of meat. Following that, he would prepare and mold the fresh meat as well as the hand-chopped potatoes.

Throughout the generations, these standards of maintaining the best quality of ingredientshad remained even until Harry’s death in 1976. Aside from that, Harry had also managed to maintain the quality of the products over mass production. With this principle, In-N-Out had feared to add up more items on their menu, as they focus on quality over quantity.

Along with that principle, he had combined it with the idea of work culture wherein he showed the way how employees should be treated. Since then, In-N-Out’s employees received proper training, and wages are said to be well in comparison to its competitors. As a result, the store’s employee loyalty remains high. By the time that the chain had reached the mid-1950s, it had already expanded to about six chains in the Los Angeles area. In 1976, the company had expanded from six to eighteen stores. However, it was also the year that Harry Snyder had died from lung cancer.

Meet Richard Snyder! (The President and Owner from the Year 1976-1993)

Unlike any other chains, In-N-Out stayed within the family. After the death of Harry Snyder, the In-N-Out was passed down to their son, Richard Snyder. At the age of twenty-four, Richard became the company’s president and had expanded their business for over ninety-three stores. During that time, In-N-Out Burger had opened chains, including in San Diego County, Las Vegas, Modesto, the Bay Area, and Fresno.

The company had maintained its quality and had the same simple menu even after the business was passed down to its second-generation owner. As well as that, even the principle of quality over quantity was also passed down to Richard Snyder. In an interview with Forbes, Rich Snyder had said that selling burgers, fries, and drinks is hard enough, and adding things would just make it worse.

He had also mentioned that he remained true to his parent’s goal of serving the freshest food their company could offer. In fact, none of their ingredients were frozen, and no microwaves were used. Also, milkshakes were made with real ice cream, while their burgers were made of pure beef.

Moreover, Richard Snyder had also said that fast growth was not their goal, but they have plans to expand the business. Unfortunately, the young Snyder died in a plane crash, and Guy Snyder assumed the presidency upon his brother’s death.

Meet Harry Guy Snyder! (The President and Owner from the Year 1993-1999)

For about six years after Richard’s death, Guy Snyder had been the owner and president of the family business. During his presidency, the company had maintained its quality product and services while aggressively expanding the business. However, in 1999, Guy died from an overdose of painkillers. With this, the company’s presidency was then passed to their mother, Esther Snyder.

Meet Esther Lavelle Snyder! (The President and Owner from the Year 1999-2006)

Esther Lavelle Johnson Snyder was born on January 7, 1920, in Sorento, Illinois. She was an American businesswoman, the co-founder, and the wife of Harry Snyder.The couple met in 1947 while they were working at a restaurant in Seattle. Subsequently, the two married in the following year. They then decided to move to Harry’s hometown in California and put up the In-N-Out Burger.

Afterward, the couple had two sons, Harry Guy and Richard Snyder. However, both of their sons died. One died from a plane crash, and the other died from a drug overdose. Esther had outlived her husband and continued to manage their business until she died in 2006.

During her presidency, Esther Snyder had managed to expand the business in Arizona, Reno, Sparks, and Carson City. Three years after her death, the business was then passed to Lynsi Snyder, the daughter of Harry Guy.

Meet Lynsi Lavelle Snyder-Ellington! (The President and Owner from the Year 2009 to Present)

Lynsi Lavelle Snyder-Ellington was born on May 5, 1982, in Glendora, California. She was the daughter of Harry Guy Snyder and Lynda Snyder. Lynsi was an American billionaire businesswoman who had inherited their family business, The In-N-Out Burger.

Three years before her grandmother Esther died, the family business and the Snyder were involved in a lawsuit against the former company executive, Rich Boyd. Following that, Boyd was fired after misusing the company fund. Boyd had claimed that Lynsi and Vice-president Mark Taylor were trying to oust the elderly Snyder, although Lynsi and Taylor denied the claim.

On her 30th birthday, Lynsi had inherited the 50% shares of the In-N-Out Burger and acquired the remaining shares after her grandmother died. On her 35th birthday, Lynsi became the sole owner of the company. By 2013, Lynsi was ranked as a billionaire by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.