The best material for doors

If you are giving your home a makeover, chances are high that you might be planning to replace the doors. Doors are more than just barriers that open or close to let you move from one room to another. Doors connect spaces, acting as a visual link between two areas. One of the most common examples of this is the fact that a room with elegant timber doors has quite a different ambiance than one with a door that looks cheap. While installing a new door in your house, you would want to bear in mind the effect that it would have on the interior décor.

One of the most crucial aspects to consider while choosing a new door is its material. The material of a door has a major impact on its look and feel, besides other factors like durability. Some of the most popular materials for doors are:


Wooden doors are essentially one of the most common types of doors that you would find in residential buildings. Timber doors have been around for a long time, and many prefer wood for the various perks that the material brings. Key perks of wooden door are:

  • High-quality wood can last quite long
  • Wood brings about an element of warmth and softness
  • You may choose from various finishes to customize the door
  • Wood goes along well with modern homes as well as rustic settings

One disadvantage of wood is that they are often prone to termite attacks or might splinter over time. Proper care with regular sealing and polishing, however, can help avoid these issues.


Glass doors look classy, modern and sleek, which is why many homeowners opt for these. You could purchase toughened glass which would not break that easily. Glass doors come with several advantages too, such as:

  • Transparent glass can offer an unobstructed view of a room
  • Glass doors can improve the lighting in your home
  • You need not worry about termites, corrosion or moisture

Glass doors require more maintenance and you would have to clear them often. Glass also tends to develop scratches easier than wood or metal.


If you are looking for an extremely safe material, steel doors are a viable choice. Steel is particularly suitable for front doors as they offer excellent security from intruders. Steel doors are often a preferred choice because:

  • It offers greater security
  • A steel door is durable
  • Insulated steel doors help to maintain favorable temperatures in the home

Steel is expensive and these doors can come with a high upfront cost. In case of a dent, it may not be possible to repair the door and you would have to replace it completely.

Apart from these, you also have other options like fiberglass and aluminum. Every home is different and homeowners have varying needs, which implies that the choice would be subjective. In general, however, a wooden door is the most reliable option. Good quality timber from the leading companies is relatively much safer from splintering and termite attacks as long as you take care of it.