Practical Benefits of staffing Companies to Small Businesses

Companies need to add staff to their HR department from time to time to fill their vacant posts. However, the task of sourcing and finally screening potential candidates is time-consuming and requires lots of resources. If your enterprise is only starting, you may not have the capacity to wade through thousands of job applicants and find the most suitable one. That leaves you with the option of handing this task to a professional recruitment agency like Brine SA.

One obvious advantage of working with a professional staffing company is that they have expert recruiters within their ranks that handle all the things related to recruitment. This often includes, but is not limited to, researching to understand your open roles, sourcing qualified candidates, and cross-checking their abilities, qualifying skills, and their references. They then present you the candidates that check all the boxes which you then meet to do more interviews. Recruitment agencies can supply you with all types of employees, whether it is engineering staff to individuals that can fill pharma jobs. In this article, we explain the benefits that small companies get when they leave the work of recruiting new employees to specialist agencies. Keep reading to learn more.


Recruitment agencies have superior expertise levels that that’s far better than your human resources department. Getting recruiters, an employment manager, or an employment specialist to oversee staff often requires a long recruitment period before you find qualified employees. A staffing agency’s services will often rival those offered by the best employment specialists, except at a far cheaper cost. Generally, staffing agency employees have a higher degree of understanding of employment trends, recruitment practices, and job knowledge as they are constantly placing employees. Also, they can be relied on to provide industry-specific expertise, especially those working for agencies specializing in certain fields, for example, pharma jobs. And for those employers who want to conduct an in-depth background check on prospective applicants, a DBS evaluation is a must.

A greater pool of qualified candidates

When you hire a staffing agency to help you fill vacant positions, you get to tap into a wider pool of suitable candidates. A top-of-the-range staffing company consistently attracts the best talent in the market. For example, the recruiters at Brine SA are constantly expanding their professional networks. They often seek and screen thousands of resumes of candidates for one job opening in a bid to identify the most suitable candidate. Compare this with an in-house recruitment team that may not get half the volume of applicants.


There are several savings you get by hiring a recruitment agency. They include the following:

Time- you don’t have to go through troves of resumes, perform background checks, and look at qualifying candidates, among other things.

Money- Hiring a staffing company means you don’t have to retain an in-house department to perform the same tasks. Also, professional recruitment companies will execute the task quickly with superior results.

It also saves you from the hassles related to handling workers’ compensation, payroll taxes, and unemployment benefits.

Higher Retention

When an employer relies on a staffing agency to get temporary employees, they are able to observe the employee’s performance, work habits, and qualifications before they employ them permanently. When the employer finally hires the employee, they will be certain that the individual is a perfect fit for the job. This way, employment agencies save you on training costs, turnover, and less tangible turnover costs, like staff morale

Freed-up time

Hiring a new staff involves a lot of tasks. These include posting vacancies, sourcing candidates, and even screening thousands of resumes. This can be a big distraction, as it takes your eyes off your day-to-day responsibilities. Employment agencies save you from this problem by handling all the tasks related to recruiting. This way, it allows you to focus on your core functions like boosting sales and growing your brand. At the same time, a recruitment agency completes the task faster and gives you a chance of finding the best candidate for the job opening.

More cost-effective

Using a recruitment agency to fill vacant posts in your organization involves fewer costs compared to retaining an in-house team to do that. But since staffing companies handle the whole staffing process from start to finish, they save employers from incurring costs linked to pre-employment expenses like background checks, drug screening, and criminal checks. Additionally, employers get to save on the costs of benefits administration and payroll processing. Small establishments have realized that staffing agencies can supply them with qualified employees and incredible savings.

Help in coming up with your hiring strategy

Should you go for direct hire or contract-to-hire candidate? How many staff do you need to add to your workforce to meet your growth goals? What types of personality traits and skill sets should a candidate have to be suitable for that role? If you cannot answer these questions comfortably, then you are a prime candidate for hiring a staffing agency. It can help you to come up with a robust hiring strategy for the future.

Another advantage of enlisting the help of a recruitment agency like Brine SA is that it helps employers adjust their teams to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses. Staffing services help companies to get top-tier candidates that meet their needs. Most of the workers hired by these agencies turn out to be essential, permanent staff.


A good staffing agency is the best approach to getting talented employees in no time. Since they retain experts at recruiting, these organizations give you better results than in-house teams. When you hire a professional agency like Brine SA, you get the chance to tap into the massive networks of these companies. This means a wide pool of better-qualified candidates to choose from. This optimized hiring strategy ensures you get candidates faster and integrated into the workforce quickly.

Additionally, they can help you fill up any vacant positions. Whether you want management employees or pharma jobs, you can rely on these professional recruiters to do the job excellently.