The Aviator’s Chronometric: 6 Watches For The Pilot In You

Most of the watchmaking industry manufacturers have one thing in common; they want to make watches that will transcend their physical limitations and become household names over the years. That’s not a bad aspiration to have, especially when you think about how companies have tirelessly continued innovating their designs over the years.  A Filippo Loreti watches review help you in selection and understanding the explicit details.

This is where we consider the different types of watches that endure the test of time while becoming a hall of fame timepiece in the eyes of many. One kind of look that seems to be shoulders and heads above the rest is Pilot watches, and their build quality and aesthetics seem to set the standard for modern-day wristwatch divinity. These are some of the best aviator effects you can buy today.

Breitling Navitimer 8

No other company has achieved the success of producing a chronograph wristwatch continuously for fifty years. The watch that is being specified is none other than the famous Navitimer, indeed an extraordinary feat from Swiss engineering. The Breitling Navitimer 8 is a watch made to pay homage to the Huit Aviation Department because of the 192-hour reserve, which translates to 8 full days.

The Navitimer line of watches is crafted with the most precision and skillful manufacturing on this list but maybe a bit expensive for most people. If a budget doesn’t exist for you, then you might want to take a look at this beautiful chronograph for your next Pilot watch.

AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane

A sporty watch that comes with all the glitz you would expect from a British product is the newest addition to the AVI-8 lineup, the Hawker Hurricane. This watch has an almost all-white face with hints of polished steel paired with stitched brown leather for the strap. The movement behind this budget market gem is Japanese quartz, and it has a water-resistance of up to 165 feet.

IWC Top Gun Automatic Chronograph

IWC has been known to make watches of the highest quality, and their craftsmanship has always stunned watch lovers all over the globe. The Top Gun is one of their larger pieces coming in at 44mm in diameter for the case surrounded by a black ceramic bezel that screams elegantly.

The power reserve will give you 68 hours of time-telling while luminescent hands and markers will allow you to get information better when it’s dark. Two hundred feet of water-resistance will be more than enough for the average diver, and a calfskin leather strap will always convince you never to go back to steel bracelets.

TAG Heuer Stainless Steel

The gentlemen at TAG should be indefinitely showered with praise and recognition for their gifts to the industry as they are all-time favorites. The Stainless Steel model is a sleek and minimalist temptation for those looking for something a little more discreet, and unique features make this one of the most practical choices on this list.

The Stainless Steel edition includes a durable and fitted black rubber strap with a beautiful contrast between black and white elements. The bezel is unidirectional and pairs well with the bold polished metal knob for controls. This can be taken underwater for up to 1000 feet, pushing the limits between diver and pilot watch.

Garmin D2

Garmin is a company always known to provide the best watches at a reasonable price. The D2 has everything you would expect from a modern pilot watch; an adjustable altimeter, barometer, an extensive database for airports worldwide, multiple time zones, and even Zulu references.

The D2 is undoubtedly one of the most reliable pilot watches anyone can get when they’re on a tight budget. Spending a lot isn’t always the right choice to get all the features you need. Garmin makes sure that you get your money’s worth with this model, and this modern timepiece is a hidden gem for enthusiasts.

Torgoen T25

Torgoen is a company made by aviators for the benefit of Pilots and enthusiasts worldwide, boasting decades-worth of experience for those looking to test their credibility. The T25 is their iteration of a pilot watch that looks like a classic design but operates like a modern one.

The T25 can be taken up to 330 feet underwater, but the leather might get ruined if you don’t swap it out for a rubberized one when diving. A Swiss quartz movement will also assure you that the T25 will work seamlessly and reliably for a long time. This watch will make you question yourself why you haven’t bought a Torgoen before.


The dreams and aspirations of pilots have always fascinated enthusiasts and admirers of the profession. With the ownership of one of these lovely watches, those ambitions come closer to our hearts. A great watch is characterized not only by the manufacturers who made it but also by the wearer’s motivation to use it to its full potential.