The best crypto-based movies and shows to watch in 2021

It is just around a decade since Bitcoin was first launched, and the entire cryptocurrency space has come on in leaps and bounds since then. Cryptocurrencies have steadily made their way into everyday conversations, while blockchain, the technology that underpins it, has also begun to see usage in more mainstream areas of business. The advance of cryptocurrencies has now reached a stage where they are legitimate alternatives for fiat currency, with many businesses accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Foremost among these are online casinos and gambling websites, which have begun offering users the option to pay in bitcoin, and also withdraw their winnings in the form of cryptocurrencies. Such websites, also known as bitcoin casinos online, have become quite popular as a result. At the same time, cryptocurrencies have also begun to be included in popular culture, so it is no surprise to see the rise in movies, TV shows and other entertainment forms which have bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as an important plot point. Thus, we shall now see some of the most popular movies and TV shows to watch on UWatchfree if you are a crypto fan –

The rise and rise of Bitcoin (2014)

This is more akin to a documentary, but gives a very good basic understanding of how bitcoin came into existence, with the stories behind some of the early adopters of the cryptocurrency.

Banking on Bitcoin (2016)

It is similar to The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, but the stories included here are given a bit more detail, and some of their outcomes are also included as part of the movie. The biggest example is the case of Charlie Shrem, who created Bitinstant. The movie shows his subsequent fall from grace due to the accusation that he laundered over $1 million through Silk Road, which was another booming start-up in the crypto ecosystem at that time.

Inside Job (2010)

Inside Job is not about cryptocurrencies at all, but is still a must-watch in order to understand the reasons behind the creation of cryptocurrencies in the first place. It is narrated by Matt Damon, and talks about the financial crisis of 2008, deconstructing the cause and effects of the same, and thus laying bare the motivation for cryptocurrencies – to have a currency which could not be manipulated by governments.

Bitcoin: The End of Money as we know it (2015)

This is a short crash course on bitcoin, which goes into detail to explain the reasons behind the emergence of bitcoin, and the implications for money and economies in the long-term.

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain (2018)

This is one of the few movies which take a closer look at blockchain and its implications for the wider world. Decentralization is one of the central themes around blockchain, and this documentary, which is also the first to be funded and distributed using blockchain, looks at how the technology has significant applications in ending a number of world problems.

Bitcoin Big Bang: l’improbable épopée de Mark Karpeles (2018)

Bitcoin Big Bang looks at the story behind Mt. Gox, which was a bitcoin exchange based in Tokyo. At its height, it was responsible for nearly 70% of all bitcoin transactions globally. Operating between 2010 and 2014, it fell into ruin after a hack which caused losses of over $450,000. The CEO Mark Karpeles was arrested, but released after a year due to lack of evidence, and he gives his side of the story in this documentary.

Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution (2017)

This documentary looks at the ways in which bitcoin could change society, along with an explanation of what bitcoin is. It is easy to understand for the layman, with common terms and simple explanations used to put across complex ideas, and thus is one of the best movies for anyone who has no clue about cryptocurrencies or even the wider financial market to watch.

Deep Web (2015)

Narrated by Keanu Reeves, this is another example of a documentary that is not about cryptocurrency itself, but a related topic. It talks about Silk Web, which was the first marketplace on the web which accepted bitcoin, and its leader, Dread Pirate Roberts. Deep Web details the various shadowy dealings that took place on the marketplace, which finally brought the police in and led to the arrest of the creator of Silk Web, Ross William Ulbricht.