Presidency and Policies of Dwight Eisenhower

Portrait of Dwight Eisenhower sitting

Dwight David Eisenhower, also known as “Ike” or “Duckpin,” served as the United States’ thirty-fourth President from 1953 to 1961. His administration spanned the Cold War Period events, as well as Space and Cold War Arms Races. He was a member of the Republican political party, which influenced his presidency’s domestic and … Read more

Policies of Herbert Hoover

Portrait of Herbert Hoover

In this article, you will discover Herbert Hoover’s political and economic opinions. President Herbert Hoover was a Republican who adhered to conservative politics and economic ideals. These values had a significant impact on how he governed America, especially during the Great Depression. Laissez-Faire Economics Herbert Hoover had a deep-seated belief in the … Read more

Presidency and Policies of Warren Harding

Portrait of Warren Harding

From 1921 to 1923, Warren G. Harding served as the United States’ twenty-ninth president until dying of a heart attack. While Warren Harding was not implicated in any wrongdoing, his presidency was overshadowed by some of his cabinet members and other government officials’ criminal activities. Warren Harding was a prominent newspaper publisher … Read more

Presidency of Woodrow Wilson

Portrait of Woodrow Wilson

The Democratic Party nominated Wood Wilson for the 1912 U.S. presidential election with widespread support behind him and his popularity as the governor of New Jersey. Woodrow Wilson, famous for his antitrust legislation, founding the Federal Reserve System, served as the United States president from 1912 until 1921. Between 1892 and 1932, … Read more

Presidency of Benjamin Harrison

Portrait of Benjamin Harrison

Benjamin Harrison was born on August 20, 1833 who served as the twenty-third president of the United States of America from 1889 until 1893. Despite his numerous unsuccessful attempts for the office, he won against the incumbent president Grover Cleveland. He was famous because of his “front porch” campaign, where he did … Read more

Presidency of Grover Cleveland

Portrait of Grover Cleveland

Grover Cleveland, who served as President of the 22nd and 24th United States, was regarded as a constitutional reformer (1837-1908). He is the only president to date who served two non-consecutive terms, as well as the only Democratic president to win elections during the era of White House Republican rule that lasted … Read more

Presidency of Chester Arthur

Portrait of Chester Arthur

In terms of both positive developments and damaging controversies, Chester Arthur’s presidency itself was unremarkable. It is difficult to avoid the list of worst presidents as one of only a handful of American leaders who were never technically elected to serve in the White House. Before his time in the nation’s capital, … Read more

Presidency and Policies of James Garfield

Portrait of James Garfield

James Abram Garfield served as the twentieth president of the United States of America in 1881 until he was assassinated after six and a half months in service. An educator by profession, he entered politics as a Republican in 1857 and became the Ohio State Senate representative. Besides being involved in politics, … Read more

Presidency and Policies of Ulysses S. Grant

portrait of Ulysses S. Grant

Ulysses S. Grant was the fifth general elected as president. He had sworn to Justice Salmon P. Chase on March 4, 1869, as the eighteenth president of the United States of America after defeating Democrat Horatio Seymour in 1868 Presidential election. He was the next president who served for two terms after Andrew … Read more