Understanding Kids better and the TV series that can help parents

Understanding Kids better and the TV series that can help parents

Teenage years are a susceptible age. The teens are unaware of what’s happening and also very vulnerable in the environment they are in. They get influenced very highly by it. As a parent, there are different parenting books you can read to help to raise them better. But here are some examples … Read more

Tantrums, Sick Days, and Being a Patient Mommy

  Wow. The last few days have been a throwback to the beginning of our foster parenting days. Gabriel has been sick and I’ve been struggling to be patient with him. Why would I struggle to be patient with a sick child? Those of you who have never dealt with the disconnect … Read more

Product Reviews Through the Eyes of a Child

Kids Opinions are Honest, Even When it Comes to Reviewing Products Product reviews by children have often proven to be very successful for the manufacturer. The things that you think your child might want to play, watch, eat or wear might differ from what is being sold on the market. Good marketing … Read more

Does Food Dye Cause Hyperactive Behavior in Children?

I have always thought that food dye contributes to hyperactive behavior, so it was interesting to read more on what more mainstream groups say about food dye and the role it plays in behavior. Food dye may possibly be the reason of hyperactivity in kids Last spring, the Food and Drug Administration … Read more

Cooking – A Simple Way To Bond With Kids

  As we all know, a great meal is one of the best ways to have a truly satisfactory experience. That is certainly no different for kids too! Every parent wants to have happy children and spend fun-loving moments with them. But these days, most parents are busy with their hectic schedule … Read more

Adoption – Shifting Winds

What a day! Gabriel has been sick since yesterday afternoon and I am always caught off guard now by the extreme behaviors we experience around here when Gabriel isn’t feeling well. In the beginning, when our kids had just moved in, baby talk, defiant mouths, psycho giggling were all just par for … Read more