Product Reviews Through the Eyes of a Child

Kids Opinions are Honest, Even When it Comes to Reviewing Products

Product reviews by children have often proven to be very successful for the manufacturer. The things that you think your child might want to play, watch, eat or wear might differ from what is being sold on the market.

Good marketing techniques are now being used by asking children to watch a new DVD or eat a certain food. Then the children give their opinions about the products. This type of reviews by children has proven to be highly successful in adding products to the market place.

Remember that no two children are the same so while fifty children might love a product you might have the child who hates the product or is allergic to the project. Parents do not let this disturb you because you would not want your child to conform to every product on the market. You should read product reviews that are given by real kids in order to determine if this is a likely product for your child.

The entertainment world often puts hype on products in order to sell them to young people. Today this does not always work because children have a mind of their own and they know what they like and what they dislike. It is the opinion of children that can make or break product sales. That is why it is important that you listen to what your child says about a product before you invest into buying something especially if it is an expensive item.

You will find that visiting places like Six Flags, Disney World, and other amusement parks usually get great reviews. You do not have to worry about taking your family on vacation to water parks or amusement parks because they all get great reviews usually from the whole family.

When it comes to watching movies or reading books, you need to be patient and let your child see previews before you buy. Children like adults are interested in many different things so certain movies and books will interest one child but perhaps not another child. Food works about the same manner. Children have their own taste buds and find that certain foods seem to taste better than other foods. Some children love chocolate for instance while other children prefer caramel.

Products Selected by Parents

Electronic gadgets are the biggest concern for parents today when it comes to buying for their children. You can see an infant in front of the television playing a learning game. The parents want to know if this is really a good idea and will their child be able to handle such a product. That is why they ask the questions to children and like to watch a group of children try out the product.

Many young children that are preteens enjoy having their own iPad and listening to their own music. The question is how young should a child be when you give them their own iPad or iPod. This is something that most parents like to hear from other children who have the product and are using it. The smartphones are one of the items that most children want at a very early age. Teenagers especially want their own smartphone and notebook. The question is which product is the best and can the parent has any controls on how much they are being used.

Parents Should ask the Opinions of Other Children before Selecting Gadgets for their Own Kids

The opinions of other children who have used these electronic gadgets is very handy for parents who are about to enter the world of electronics for their children. There are so many different gadgets from karaoke machines to smartphones that a parent needs reviewed before they can consider buying for their child.  And parents will see a million advertisements saying each one of them is the best with smiling child actors agreeing.

Parents are now becoming active in the things that their children want to buy and use. Today parents like to get the point of view of children who have already reviewed the products before they make a purchase for their own children.

Get Info About What Children Think About the Different Products

When it comes to buying a new product for use by children there is no one better to review that product than the child. Many times, you hear a lot of hype about going to Disney World, staying at a certain hotel because of the conveniences, or using a certain piece of equipment so you tend to think that this is the best place to go or stay or even this is the thing that your child needs. This is not always true because in some cases a child may not enjoy those things that get so much hype. Granted going to Disney World is every person’s dream and you probably will not want to knock that hype, however, other places are not worth the effort.

When you want to know more about products and places, you should find out what children are really saying about the new foods, shoes, clothes, sporting equipment and other things that are being put into the market. It is the job of the Marketing Agents to convince us that some items are more valuable than others are. If you really want to know about the different things that are being marketed for children then you should as they say, “read product reviews through the eyes of a child.” When you see how your children respond to certain products and places then you will most certainly know if the product is meant for your family.

It is a simple task to read the reviews because they have many different age groups that put their opinion in on the new products and some of the older products to help you recognize the things that your children might be interested. You can also read what goes into a product and how it is made before you decide to buy the product.

Today there are so many different things on the market place for children that you should be careful about what you buy because of the dangers involved. The ease of use and likability is also important so that is why you should read the reviews of other children to find out how well a product is favored by young children. When you find that your child plays more with the box it come in then you know this is not the product for your child so don’t worry just try again.

Fun Places Which are a Hit With Kids

Children love to talk about places that they have been and how much fun that they have had when they go there. Children love to talk about places like Six Flags, Cedar Point, and Disney World. These are the most fun places to go where a child can have fun all day long. When you want to go to find fun just ask a child. You might ask the children where they most like to go in your neighborhood if you cannot make an extended trip. You might be surprised to find out that places like the Zoo, Bounce Houses, McDonald’s Fun land, and other spots can make your child very happy.

Kids’ Opinions About Food

Kids have a mind and opinion of their own and they will tell you straight what they like or dislike. This is true especially when it comes to food based on their finicky taste buds.

Most children are picky eaters, and they will love to review certain types of foods such as burgers, ice cream, pizza, fries and other fast-food items, as well as candies and chocolates. They love any food they find appealing to their palate. Some kids’ preferences are different from the others; for example, many love a chocolate-flavored ice cream, some prefer vanilla, caramel, or bubble-gum flavored ones.

Books and Videos

When it comes to reviewing books and video’s children have a leg up on parents. They know what is funny, exciting, and of course spooky. When you want to know the best family movie just asks you are eight or ten years old and they will give you their review. When you ask older children in the family, you might be surprised and not agree. Then again, you might like their choices when it comes to a good book.

What Would Your Kids Like to Wear?

There is nothing like finding out, which is the best sweater to wear or pair of shoes you only need to ask your teenage daughter on that one. Children love to review things that make them happy, that they enjoy to eat, or provides them with entertainment. The key to getting a good review from your own children is to find out what they enjoy doing. The kids on Real Kid View will make your day and you will find that their reviews hold pretty much with most children their age.


When it comes to books, DVD’s, iPods, and any other type of electronic gadget you will find that this belongs into the world of the pre-teens and teens because many of these items are favored because of their ability to communicate and enjoy. Children like adults like their music and enjoy their iPod. They also like to have a smartphone if parents permit. Thanks to eReaders, children can now hear their favorite stories or read them for their own enjoyment. There is a multitude of electronic gadgets that children enjoy reviewing. You will not have a problem getting your child’s opinion on any of these products.

Amusement parks

Just about all children enjoy reviewing amusement parks like Six Flags because there is always something for everyone to do at every age. Disney World and Disneyland are other favorite places that children will give a good review because of all the wonderful things that are available for a child to see and do.

You know that going to water parks is fun especially on hot days. Such popular water parks include Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, Wet ‘n Wild and Adventure Island in Florida, Water Country in Virginia, Water World in Colorado, Noah’s Ark in Wisconsin, Schlitterbahn in Texas and so many others that are popular with the kids.