The Wizard of Oz 3D Premiere Kicks off the Film’s 75th Anniversary

On Sunday, September 15, 2013, The Wizard of Oz premiered for the first time ever in IMAX 3D at the…

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Revisiting The Early Days of Hollywood

When we hear the word Hollywood the words money, power, fame, entertainment, glamor, and fortune comes to our mind. Hollywood…

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Celebrities Who Launched Their Own Tequila Brands

We’ve seen a lot of alcoholic spirits got a boost through ads from a trusted celebrities. But it seems like…

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Celebrities Who Use Their Real Names

In the “real” world, using your real name is common toeveryday life.  Most of us never think about changing our…

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Celebrities Who Have Changed Their Name

Ever thought of changing your name into something that sounds cool like, John Legend or Alicia Keys? We know that…

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Actors and Actresses Who Quit Hollywood

Being an actor or an actress is not just about the glitz and the glamor, it also means having your…

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