The Brief Biography of Barack Obama

Portrait of Barack Obama

The fortieth president of the United States, Barack Obama, and the country’s first African-American president. In 2008 through 2012, he was elected to two terms. Obama was born and reared in Hawaii, the son of Kenyan and Kansas parents. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Columbia University and his law degree from … Read more

The Brief Biography of George W. Bush

Portrait of George W. Bush

In New Haven, Connecticut, George Walker Bush was born on July 6, 1946. He is the eldest of George Herbert Walker Bush and Barbara Pierce Bush’s six children. Since the 1950s, the Bush family had been involved in business and politics. His grandfather, Prescott Bush, was a former Wall Street banker and … Read more

The Brief Biography of Bill Clinton

Portrait of the Bill Clinton

On August 19, 1946, William Jefferson Clinton was born in Hope, Arkansas. He came from a fifth-generation Arkansan family. His father, William Jefferson Blythe III, died in a vehicle accident before his son was born, so Virginia Kelly named him after him. Bill’s mother left him with her parents when he was … Read more