Storage Rental Tips to Get Passive Income

Storage units are becoming more and more popular in the USA. What exactly are storage units and what is storage rental income? These units are additional units which can be provided to tenants on rents. You can say these are as big as a small garage. For people who have a lot of extra stuff and want to keep it, they mostly use storage units to keep the important items with them. This is the business model through which passive income is generated by owners.

According to Forbes, the average profit margin on the business of storage units is around 11% which is fine enough. However, if you are not getting enough profit, you can follow the tips given below and increase your profits in no time.

1. Don’t focus too much on the design/appearance

Many people start to focus on the external appearance and design of the storage units when that is not the actual thing you should focus on. In one way, this leads to an increase in costs. The main focus must be on the inner storage capacity and structure of the storage unit. Design is important but not as important that it starts to affect your overall cost by a major percentage.

2. Get more storage units

One way to increase your profits is to get more storage units in a good location. For example, we decided to invest in self storage in Ventura. These can be costly initially. However, if you have an existing storage unit, don’t use much from its income. Start saving more and get hold of more and more storage units. Remember that expansion is going to increase your income. All you need to do is to save more initially and don’t keep a lot for yourself if you have only a few storage units. Once you have a lot of them, you would be having a better income. Focus on more units rather than sticking to one.

3. Advertising

Many times, the advertising for the storage units is either not present or it is not a very appealing sort of advertisement. Increasing rental income can only be possible if your customers are attracted to what you are offering. Even if you have the almost similar product as to what many others in your industry do, try to bring a difference with advertising. Use social media, as well as brochures and other forms of promotion to bring a better customer response.

4. Treat it like a product

Your storage unit requires updating in the form of structure, size, area required, costs and other overheads etc. Maintain a proper check and balance on what you are offering. Having 2-monthly checks or quarterly checks could be fine. This would also make your tenant feel that you care for your product so he will keep a better maintenance too.


You might feel that storage units are something tough and out-of-the-box. However, in reality, storage units are becoming increasingly popular. They have more profits for the businesses as well as more benefits for the customers. As a seller, you should follow the above-mentioned tips if you want to get a better return. Best of luck!