Optimizing Websites for High Volume Keywords

The increased competition on the internet amongst websites has led to a critical concept in SEO and website optimization. Not all pages can be linked on the first page of Google, but everyone wants that. The solution to such a problem is to optimize your website according to the words being searched the most on any search engine. These words are known as keywords.

What are high volume keywords? Well, these are keywords that are used a lot in search queries.  And you have to do seo keyword research to find the right ones.

The main question is How to optimize a website with high volume keywords and get it in front of your target audience. If you can do the targeting right you can build a web site that can generate long term profits and passive income for you!  You will find out the answer in the article below.

1. Don’t just rely on a single search engine

Many web developers have the wrong misconception that only Google should be considered for finding keywords. in actual, this is one reason this is breaking your own views. Take an example. Google considers international flights as high-volume keywords and suppose, says that around 100,000 people searched for them. However, if you take a look at Google, Yahoo, and Bing, altogether, you may find out that cheap international flights are the keywords that are actually being searched more suppose, by 200,000 people. Why is the difference? The simple explanation is in case 1, we considered only a single search engine. It truly is reliable, but not entirely. When combined the results of all three search engines, we were able to better find out the right high-volume keyword.

2. Keep current affairs in your content

The best way to optimize your website with high volume keywords is to keep it somewhat updated to the current affairs. This is because viewers mostly search about current affairs. Any viral update could lead to millions of searches on a single issue. For example, you have a website about Sports and wildlife etc. you could simply relate it to the Olympic games; or even you could relate it to football world cups or anything that is gaining engagement among your internet audience. People would be searching for it instantly when they would get to know of an issue going viral. You can also get your benefit out of it.

3. Use keywords at multiple places

Many people get to know about high volume keywords but don’t know where and how to use them. What we would recommend is that users start to use keywords at the headings, introductory paragraphs, main body, as well as the ending conclusion. However, we don’t recommend an extremely annoying usage of keywords that could finish the attractiveness and appeal in your content. Also, use one keyword in multiple different contents (articles) so that the number of times that keyword is repeated at your website is high. This is the best way to use high-volume as well as low-volume keywords.


Basing on all the three tips given above, we can say that any web developer can easily use SEO and other keyword techniques mentioned above to use high-volume keywords on their websites. Not only would this improve the traffic but would also increase your website rank. Don’t wait! Begin today.