Still On The Fence About Virtual Phone Numbers? Here Are The Reasons Why You Need It

Since it was made available to the market, virtual numbers have made great businesses even better as it allowed them to push to new heights with minimal risk on their part. That’s why providers like Freeje have been so successful at generating interest in this technology.

Because it is not limited like a legacy phone system is, you can set up practically any feature (and so much more) without worrying about sinking a lot of money on equipment.

This is just one of the many opportunities that this tech opens to you. If you’re still not sure whether you should get one, learn here about how it would be beneficial to your enterprise.

Virtual phone numbers 101

It’s a phone number that you don’t get from your phone company. Instead, it’s created and used through the cloud.

Normally, calls are made possible by copper wires, but this alternative uses the internet to do the work. So what it does is communicate with anyone around the world without being limited by lines or wires.

The best perks of having one

There’s more to virtual numbers than being an impressive tech that lets you own an online number. Here are the more popular advantages to getting one:

1. Create a business presence locally

As far as telecommunications is concerned, this tech has made location practically irrelevant. Even if you’re on the opposite side of the world, you can still make it seem that you’re in a certain place.

And that would never have been possible before. Now, you don’t need to physically set up your enterprise in that place just to establish your presence. This also means that your agents can be anywhere in the world.

2. Reduce costs

The ability to get agents from anywhere means you can now get labor where it’s cheaper. This can easily cut your labor costs by more than half.

But the labor side isn’t the only place you can reduce spending. Because you can buy a number with an area code different from yours, you also save on costs associated with international calls.

3. Improve the professional image of your enterprise

There are a lot of features that are associated with more established enterprises because before, only they could afford the equipment for those. Fortunately for you, that’s not the case anymore. But that doesn’t mean that this mindset has changed.

People still associate fancy features with the level of success of a business. But now, you can afford them without sinking your company into a huge debt.

4. Maximized flexibility

It doesn’t only affect change on the market side of the equation. Even your employees will benefit from it. One of the best things about virtual SIMs is you can take them anywhere as you can link them to as many devices as you want.

This gives your people the freedom to work wherever they want and still maintain their connectivity to the clients. Workers who are always on the go will find it extremely convenient as they can just switch devices whenever needed.

5. Carry two numbers on one phone

With a virtual SIM, you never have to carry two phones – one for work, one for personal – ever again. You can easily have an app installed on your existing device to act like a ‘second phone.’

A lot of entrepreneurs have found this very convenient as they can now access everything in one place and still keep communication organized.

6. Easy of maintenance and setting up

Can you remember the last time something went wrong with your legacy phone system? How long did it take to get everything right? How about the upgrades, how long did you wait?

Even with the most efficient technical team on their side, they can still beat this newer and better alternative because there’s nothing to maintain. Everything’s in the cloud, so there’s no actual equipment.

Plus, setting it up is just as quick. Once you pay for it, you can set it up yourself and get started within the day. The same goes if you want to add new lines or make any change because everything’s just a few clicks of a button away.

A small investment with maximum results

Although virtual phone numbers are a little low-key compared to innovations that the new millennium has produced, it’s still very beneficial for your enterprise.

Even if you don’t care about all the extras that it can do for you, the savings alone is enough of a reason to make the switch. More, importantly it allows startups and smaller businesses trying to appeal to a global market a great range of flexibility previously only associated with big companies.

So if you’re looking for a low-cost and powerful communications solution, you can’t go wrong with virtual numbers. Download Freeje’s business phone number app on Google Playstore to open a whole new lot of possibilities for your enterprise.