Spectrum Security Suite: What Makes It Special?

Importance of Having Spectrum Security Suite

With the advancement of technology, cyber threats have also been growing rapidly. That’s why people are always in search of applications that offer the most effective and efficient security services. Charter Spectrum offers a wide range of services including, Spectrum Internet, TV, voice, and now security.

Spectrum Security Suite is a software specifically designed to provide a better and updated security system to its users. This application actively secures the system and its data from all threats and risks. It is quite popular among users for ease of access because it is completely compatible with MacBook and Windows alike. While it works well on all sorts of computers and laptops, it is not built for smartphones.

Features of Spectrum Security Suite

This is a complete security suite offering a wide range of features such as real-time protection against malware, spyware, and viruses, etc. It also provides parents with online control features e.g., web-filtration that blocks all inappropriate content for kids.

#1. Provides Real-Time Protection Against Threats

It uses the cloud to provide non-stop coverage for your system from all kinds of threats. It offers protection against malware that is created for stealing identity and banking information. It is perfect for people who work from home as it protects your system and data from unauthorized access at all times.

#2. Automatically Removes Viruses

One of its best features is that it automatically removes all viruses and threats on your system (laptop or computer) and network once installed and enabled. In addition to that, you can set it to send automatic notifications of all activities on your registered email.  This is perfect because it operates with the least interference so, your system won’t feel slow or sluggish.

#3. Offers Firewall’s Security

Just like its other features, its firewall protection also turns on automatically once you enable this software on your system. A firewall plays a crucial role in protecting your sensitive data from being stolen. Sensitive information can include your banking details, your office credentials, personal information, and so on. Once the firewall protection is enabled, the chances of this information falling into the wrong hands get significantly reduced.

#4. Makes Browsing Safer

This feature determines which websites are harmful and grades them as ‘F’. Creating a safer browsing experience plays a crucial role in protecting your system. If this feature is not enabled, most harmful contents can automatically download and crash your computer. It protects your system by giving you a warning sign in case you open a potentially harmful website. Unfortunately, this feature only works with Windows and not with iOS.

#5. Protection Against Spyware

Spyware is software that is designed to steal data from a computer. If it gets installed on your system, it can be used to steal your passwords, credentials, banking details, and so on. Spectrum Security Suite provides complete protection against such spyware. Running periodic scans help in this matter. You get notifications if such software is found in the system, and it is removed once you allow its removal.

#6. Parental Control Feature

Using parental control features, parents can monitor their kids’ online activity. It allows parents to:

  • Limit screen times
  • Block inappropriate websites and contents
  • Monitor kids’ online activity

This feature is available for both Windows and iOS.

How Much Does It Cost?

For the subscribers of any Spectrum internet package, it is completely free. For non-subscribers, it will cost about $24.99 for a single computer, $39.99 for five computers, and $44.99 for ten computers. These prices are for annual subscriptions and may change at Spectrum’s discretion. If you want any further information, get in touch with the customer service by dialing the Spectrum phone number.

In a Nutshell

For those who want an all-rounder security protection software, Spectrum Security Suite is a good choice. Its real-time malware protection features and capability of automatic removal of viruses is top-notch. It is like a cherry on top of the cake for spectrum services users but, it may be a bit pricey for others.