Some Of The Most Innovative Features of The New Ford Trucks

Ford is one of the most popular car manufacturers in the world. They also produce the most selling F-series trucks on the globe.

Whether you are looking to travel to your job site, haul big loads, or go on a road trip, you can count on these hardworking and extremely versatile trucks to get the job done. Recently they have unleashed new and better truck models including the F-150, the 2022 Ford Maverick, the 2022 Ford Ranger, and the 2022 super duty among others. 

These models come with high-tech and superior features for better performance. Here is a guide showing some of these features.

Hands-free driving

The vehicles also feature a new hands-free driving system to help maneuver through divided highways easily. This feature aims at controlling the vehicle’s speed, radar, and other sensors, and steering and braking through a system of cameras on divided highways across the country. 

Customers can also install the available software in their trucks to enable the technology via an over-the-air or a remote update. Still, you can ask your dealer to install the system for you.

Integrated generator

The latest ford model is equipped with an integrated power generator known as a “pro power board”. The generator is powered by a battery that operates only when the engine is on. 

Moreover, the type of generator may impact the size of power output. Ford also claims that the generator can run up to 64 hours with a fully charged hybrid battery and a full tank. 

And to ensure that the engine only runs to power the onboard generator, the vehicle can be locked in generator mode. See more here 

Origami interior

The interior of a Ford truck is designed to optimize space and increase storage. The latest model features unique foldable gear shifters to allow more surface for placing laptops or any other gadgets between the driver and the passenger. 

This way, you can work while eating your lunch! The front seats are also foldable, nearly at 180 degrees and the back support moves forward to create a more comfortable space for your sleeping arrangements.

Rulers and clamps on the tailgate

If you are into woodworks, a truck tailgate can make a very good workbench. The tailgate of the new ford trucks has two cutouts that allow you to use C-clamps without damaging the truck’s paints. 

Next to the clamps are two rulers stamped on the tailgate offering measurements of 48 inches and 100 centimeters. The two rulers eliminate the need for a tape measure. Likewise, the measuring aids in all trucks are optional while the clamp pockets are standard. 

Speakers in the headrests

Driving doesn’t have to be boring. The soft leather seats of the latest models have speakers in them to keep the driver entertained. Although these speakers hide behind the tiny holes in the leather seats, they are extremely audible. They provide the same audio as that of someone wearing a headphone. Click here for more insights.

Sync 4 swiping gestures

The 12.0-inch touchscreen comes with a smart system that allows you to view two pages of information at the same time. You can easily access the larger pane while still on the narrower right pane without opening any shortcut buttons or the main menu. Simply swipe left using the cursory info to navigate to the larger pane.

More sidewall

The car tires come with luxury trims that provide a plusher and quieter ride. The sidewalls are also thicker than those of the previous model.

More shortcut buttons

Previously, the older model featured six preset buttons. Today the new trucks have more shortcut buttons including the music note button that tunes straight to the audio and the slide icon that opens the setting page.

High tech safety features

The trucks are packed with advanced safety features including automatic high-beam headlights and emergency braking systems. These high-tech braking systems allow you to slow down when making a left-hand turn or an emergency stop. The vehicles also feature an Active Drive Assist. Similar to that of a Cadillac’s Super Cruise so you can drive hands-free o some highways.

Hybrids and EVs

The new model features additional storage, new interior and exterior designs, six engine options, and a V6 engine. The engines are matched with a high-speed automatic transmitter. Ford claims the new hybrid model can go up to 700 miles on a single gas tank and deliver roughly 12,000 pounds of existing maximum towing. That makes it better than the older models with V6 engines.

New light

The new LED headlight comes with a yellow divider that separates the headlights in the middle. This LED strip is more prominent, and effective and gives the car a more striking appearance. However, this strip is only found in models with LED headlamps.


The new Ford truck models have taken the industry by storm due to their refined and tested design. The model places a great emphasis on power, utility, and conveniences. One of the most unique features is the origami interior design that is more spacious, comfortable, and versatile. From the foldable gear shifters to the foldable front seats these trucks have it all. Driving has also been made more interesting by the presence of speakers on the headrests. You can journey on listening to your favorite music without putting the headphones on. Be sure to do your research and get more insight into the latest ford models.