The A-Z of Car Appraisal


Accidents are accompanied by so much confusion that you may not know what to d next. If you have not been seriously injured, the first thing you will want to do is to call the police and file an FIR or First Information Report that shows in detail what went on during the accident. You will also want to alert your insurance immediately and explain to them the extent of the damage to your car. More importantly, you want to contact a top kfz gutachter münchen that will appraise your car to determine its value. But what else should you know? What role does a sachverständiger münchen play to ensure you get fair compensation? In this article, we explain to you everything you need to know right after the accident to the time of filing a claim. Keep on reading to learn more.

What’s a Car Appraisal?

In the event of an accident, you might realize that filing a claim with your insurance company is a logistical nightmare. This is even more so if are not familiar with the process of car appraisal that takes place beforehand. If you understand the itsy-bitsy of car appraisal, it will enable you to negotiate easier with your insurance adjuster. It also helps you to arrive at a fair settlement more easily. 

A vehicle appraisal after an accident is important as it enables an insurance company to give accurate compensation to you after a collision. It helps your insurance company to know what it would cost to repair your car and get it back to its pre-accident condition.

Insurance companies rely on appraisal reports from a top sachverständiger münchen to determine the fair value of the car and how much repair would cost after an accident. In the event the cost of repairing the car exceeds what it was valued before the accident, your insurance company would compensate you an amount equal to what your car was worth before the accident. 

Car Insurance Appraisal Process

It is recommended that you report an auto accident immediately to your insurance company. When you make that report, make sure you include the following information:

  • The covered car involved in the accident, as well as the person that was driving it.
  • Time and location of the accident
  • A description of the accident and its extent
  • Name and insurance information of the driver whose car was involved in the accident
  • Names and contact details of any witnesses that were at the accident scene.

Take note and write the claim number you are given, as well as the contact of the insurance person you speak to. After that, it is time to meet with your kfz gutachter münchen, who will ask for more details about what transpired leading to the accident. Make sure you only stick to the facts. If you took any photographs at the accident scene, provide them to the appraiser plus any contact details of witnesses.

The sachverständiger münchen that you get will examine the overall condition of the car and also the severity of the damage. After they will determine the overall coverage cost by following specific criteria. The figure they indicate will form the basis of the compensation you will get from your insurance company.  

What Factors Are Appraised?

The appraiser will generally appraise the parts of the car damaged. For example, if the accident was a rear-end collision that dents the front bumper, the appraisal will focus on the bumper. However, a good appraiser will not just concentrate on the place of the accident. They will carefully examine the entire vehicle in case it has hidden damage. 

How Long Does Appraisal Take? 

The process of the appraisal can be slow or fast, and it all depends on the amount of info you have gathered and is available. Many people are involved in the appraisal, and they include insurance agents, body shops, and even you. Make sure you are responsive and provide anything you are asked. This will quicken the claim process. 

Things to Keep in Mind

Because the kfz gutachter münchen relies on the extent of the damage to determine the coverage cost, you must have an open mind during the evaluation process. Also, make sure you keep records of any repairs in case the insurance company asks you for the information.

There are instances where the repair costs exceed the value of the car before the accident. Should that be the case, the appraiser is obligated to report the car as a total loss. The compensation you will receive from the insurance company will be equal to what your vehicle was worth before the accident. If the extent of the damage is so large that repairing the car would cost more than what it’s worth, it is advisable to accept the payment the insurance company has offered instead of going ahead with the repairs. 

More Tips to Get Higher Price for Your Car

  • If the case goes to trial, you may want to be a little bit cleverer. Try these tricks: Try to emphasize the emotional points of the argument. Use car damage images or show the court how it’s been affecting your work.
  • After reviewing all your counterarguments, the next thing you should do is decide whether to push for an out-of-court settlement. 
  • If you don’t have enough time, or you feel you are not capable of negotiating claims adequately, it is in your best interest to hire a lawyer. However, it only makes sense where the claim payout you want is big. 
  • If the case is tricky and you think it may not be easy to prove the person at fault, hiring an attorney would be most beneficial for you. 


After an accident, you may not be in the right frame of mind. The confusion that follows the accident may be confounding, and interfere with your ability to fight for the fairest amount from your insurer. Fortunately, that is why kfz gutachter münchen exists. These experts scrutinize the extent of the damage and tell insurance claims adjusters what is the fairest amount to pay you. In the absence of an independent sachverständiger münchen, your insurance company will have a field day and will only pay you what they want. That is why understanding the roles they play in car appraisal is so important.