Software Companies That Are Changing the Game for Businesses

From small businesses to large enterprises, everyone needs the right software solutions to reach their full potential these days. In a world of software integrations and big data, it’s not enough to rely on legacy systems anymore. Business owners around the world are committing to digital transformations and equipping their businesses with the tools they’ll need to adapt and excel.

Whether you’re trying to improve your customer support, utilize the best business intelligence tools, or look for ways to put data to work more effectively, there’s a right tool for the job. Here are just a few software companies that are worth looking into because they’re changing the game for businesses all over.


Maybe you already know the kinds of software and platforms you need to take your business to the next level and edge out your competitors—you just don’t know where to find the best. Fortunately, Luminwise is here to help you do exactly that. This B2B software review platform helps make your business decisions easier by breaking down summaries, features, and even a pros and cons list of the most popular tools out there, so you can find the one that’s perfect for your specific business needs.

Bright Pattern

call center staff

Some people view call centers as places of frustration where exasperated employees are locked in cubicles fielding a never-ending ocean of incoming calls. Either that, or they think of telemarketers. As a business owner, you know better. Your call center is often the first point of contact between your brand and new customers, and it’s a vital part of your customer service efforts. When it comes to customer relationship management (CRM) software, you can only afford to work with the best.

Bright Pattern omnichannel contact center software can easily integrate with any systems you’re already running (Salesforce, Five9, etc.), and it provides attractive features that your customers and employees are sure to love. It’s common for modern contact centers to let customers contact support agents using digital communication methods, instead of being limited to phone calls. Such digital methods could include text, SMS, email, live chat, your mobile app, and plenty more. This omnichannel solution takes things a step further by allowing customers to switch between digital channels and voice calls seamlessly, all while staying in contact with the same support agent. This helps save everyone’s time and brings calls toward positive resolutions quickly.

Even better, the unified agent desktop makes things easier for your support team, since they’ll be able to easily track all communications across all channels via a single sign in. Providing the best tools for the job will help cut down on call center turnover, and having the best customer service in your niche sets you apart from competitors.


Data is arguably the most powerful and valuable resource available to any business, but you can only monetize it properly when it’s accurate and current. If you’re still relying on software solutions separated in different silos, you have to rely on the manual transfer of data between your systems, which is both error-prone and time-consuming.

This is where Profisee can help with their master data management (MDM) solution. Master data refers to any data that’s shared between systems, and by integrating all your software solutions in a single source of truth, you’ll have them all sharing master data. This empowers you to pull data-driven insights from any of your systems. Even better, all of your data sources are updated in real time, so you can be confident that you’re getting the best information available.

With the right platforms and automation tools, you’ll be able to adapt and excel in an ever-changing digital world, while companies that continue to rely on legacy systems get left behind.