Countries With the Friendliest Tax Situation for Cryptocurrency

As we are familiar with the fact that growth in the cryptocurrency sector is quite high and the amount of people that are increasing day by day has somewhere made it a compulsion for the governments to have some regulatory framework regarding this. Many governments have opted for imposing capital gains tax for the income being generated through these means. But on the other hand, there are some countries that are not really strict about imposing taxes on crypto generated income. Here, I am going to make you all updated with some of the countries that are friendlier and less strict with cryptocurrency and its working. Here in this article, I am going to provide you with a list of such countries that have the best ways of converting cryptocurrency into real money. Let us discuss them in steps.

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The absolute first country on the list is Antigua. This country has been taking some essential steps whereby the country stands at the top when it comes to blockchain and crypto usage in the country. In the year 2020, a bill with respect to the same was passed laying friendlier crypto regulation. It has made relaxation with respect to different taxes such as wealth, capital gain, income tax etc. and has made its country a renowned country for the businesses that are related with cryptocurrency and also to people that are involved in crypto investments or mining etc.


The second on the list is Belarus, a country that has made the crypto regulations back in the year 2018. The country waived off so many taxes and made all the possible tries to keep it at the top when it comes to cryptocurrency. The country has further made some appreciable plans for all those people that want to open any start-up in the country relating to cryptocurrency and also for other traders as well. All these steps have been taken to boost up its financial sector and there is no doubt in that because the country is performing well in this area and has made itself at 20th rank in the crypto sector.

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The next country on the list is Hong Kong. This country has also made friendlier crypto regulations for all individuals that are into cryptocurrency investments. Hong Kong has been said to be one of the “leading financial hubs” that have imposed amicable regulations with respect to cryptocurrency. In this country, it has been laid out that if the digital assets are bought with the thought to keep them for a long time as an investment, then the same is not taxable. Similarly, it does not impose taxes on capital gains as well. But all those businesses and people will incur taxes on the income derived as a profit from cryptocurrency that does it on a daily basis.


The last on the list is ‘MALTA’. This country is often and popularly known as the “island of blockchain”. The country has a welcoming nature when it comes to investments and accepting crypto businesses in the country. There is no capital gain tax for all the people that have been holding in the cryptocurrency for a long time however, traders are not immune from the taxes and any trading done is taxable in the country. But the taxes on trading can be structured time and again as per the demand and meetings.

I hope the article that I provided above turns out to be beneficial for all the crypto traders that have been looking for countries where the government is less strict with crypto taxation.