Smart tech to modernize your home for 2021

With Christmas fast approaching and 2020 (finally) ending, it’s time to look ahead for the future. You may be considering rejuvenating your living space over the next 12 months, or you might have your eyes on a present for a loved one – whatever your desires, you can’t go wrong with smart tech.

Smart technology is an increasingly popular purchase for the modern home. Voice-enabled devices like Alexa and Google Home can completely transform a living space with the ability to control speakers, lights, and even windows. The result is it has never been easier to turn your house into a sci-fi haven.

They make a fantastic gift and can make your life a whole lot easier, and in some instances, a lot more cost-effective. In this list, we will outline the best smart tech on the market to modernize your home in 2021 and beyond.

Smart doorbell

How annoying is it when you are waiting for a parcel for days, and it arrives exactly when you leave the house? We’ve all been there, but with smart doorbells, this annoyance can be a thing of the past.

Doorbells like the fantastic Ring Doorbell and the Eufy Video Doorbell can help keep you connected with visitors even when you aren’t home.

The devices will send a notification to your phone if the doorbell rings or it detects movement. You can then have a video chat with the person at the door! The movement detection is fantastic for keeping an eye on your property, with the ability to spot any burglars attempting to break in.

They can be relatively inexpensive, too, with some incredibly high-quality options below £100.

Smart lightbulb

If you are thinking about upgrading your lighting system, a smart lightbulb could be an excellent choice.

Smart lightbulbs are equipped with an array of bright and powerful colors that can completely change your home’s vibe.

The best bet for entering the smart lightbulb world is the incredibly popular Philips Hue. The level of brightness and colour quality from Philips Hue is incomparable, but the downside is it can be pricey.

You also need to buy the Hue Bridge, which plugs directly into your home’s router and communicates with all the bulbs in the house, meaning you can control all of them at the push of a button.

Smart thermostat

While the previous two entries on this list promote convenience, buying a smart thermostat is an excellent way to keep money in your pocket.

Thermostats like the Ecobee4 and Nest Thermostat E can completely revolutionize your homes heating system. The devices allow you to set up a heating schedule based on when you are at home. But that’s not all; some thermostats come equipped with sensors meaning it can detect when you are home and turn the heating system on. Neat, right?

The Ecobee4 also comes with an integrated Amazon Echo smart speaker, meaning you can control the device with your voice. They are easy to use and a fantastic way of helping you save money during the winter months.

Smart smoke detector

So, we’ve covered convenience, security and cost-saving, but what about safety? That’s where smart smoke detectors come in.

It’s a nightmare scenario to imagine ever getting use out of a smart smoke detector, but it’s essential to prepare for the worst. Smart smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors can help keep your family safe even in the scariest of times.

Devices like Nest Labs will send a notification directly to your smartphone if it detects smoke. That way you can be constantly aware of your house even when away.

Perhaps even better, some devices come with emergency lighting, meaning you can traverse your home if it ever becomes filled with smoke. It’s a device you will be thankful for when you need it.

There are so many fantastic devices out there that can help change even the most antique homes into a modern masterpiece. If you want to learn more about modern homes, check out RWinvest.