Six Tips for First-Time Clothing Shoppers for Corsets

If you have never owned a corset, purchasing one is a daunting task. You know they help shape your body, as well as make you feel more desirable. Perhaps your dom wishes you to own one, but you are unsure how shopping for it works. Here are six tips for first-time buyers.


Making sure your corset fits well is the most important aspect of wearing one. You want it to pull you in but not take your breath away. No one wants to pass out in the middle of a romantic evening. Typical corsets with steel bones are four inches less than your waist measurement. That means if you have a 28-inch waist, you will need a 24-inch corset. However, Kinky Cloth ( uses letter sizing instead of measurements. With this sizing style, you will want to take your waist size, and then match it to their sizing chart. For shopping online, always go with their sizing chart for the best fit. It is tempting to make yourself feel smaller but always take honest measurements. A corset is fitted well when there are no bulges or bumps. You should feel comfortable, supported, and not breathless.


When people see a corset, comfort is generally not something that comes to mind. However, a good corset that is fitted properly should be comfortable to wear for hours. With that said, it is common for new wearers to feel restrained. Corsets do require training, but you will adapt to the different ways to move and sit. They are designed to enforce proper posture and train your body. Read reviews from previous customers to learn the satisfaction, and you will find most begin to replace bras for corsets due to comfort.

There are two forms of corsets, ones designed to be worn over clothing and styles that work both ways. If you purchase a corset to fit against your skin, make sure it has a breathable twill lining for best comfort. Also, consider hip panels or hip gores for long-waisted corsets. This will give you more relief around the hips.


Much of the clothing for the BDSM lifestyle seems high in price, but it falls in the “you get what you pay for” category. If you are on a strict budget, shop the sales rather than buying cheap. A well-made corset should be considered as an investment. The high-quality materials last longer, are more comfortable and breathe better. You want a strong, sturdy fabric with an inner layer constructed of natural fibers. You should expect to spend no less than $30 for a good corset. Keep the following in mind when you think of the cost that goes into the outfit:

  • Multi-layered to ensure strength and tear-resistant
  • Steel boning to mold your body and shape you (inexpensive uses plastic that will warp or break)
  • Modesty panels allow for multi-use
  • Loops and buckles for dom use and attachment to other articles of clothing

If you are concerned about the price, always check out the warranty and money-back guarantee. These allow you to feel better about your investment, especially if it does not fit properly on the first purchase. Reputable companies will back their product and make sure you are fully satisfied.

Types Available

The two main types of corsets include overbust and underbust. Underbust looks like super wide belts, as they fit around the waist alone. Regardless of your body style, you can find an under that suits you. However, if you are a large-breasted woman, the overbust type is ideal because of additional support. The sizing includes knowing your chest measurements as well as your waist. Many women prefer the over since it keeps the girls up where they belong. The type you purchase also depends on what the planned use. For example, if you need flexibility while at work during the day, you will want an underbust.


While they are costly, corsets are extremely versatile. They have been a part of the woman’s wardrobe for hundreds of years. The following are just a few of the functions they serve:

  • Waist Reduction
  • Cosplay
  • Costumes
  • Sub/Dom Relationships

Due to the versatility of this clothing style, you find yourself wanting to own several different corsets. When waist training, you will want a simple corset that does not include any embellishments. These are often between $25 to $30. When planning to wear them during the day, look for garments that are sleek in design. Your clothing will disguise them, so no one will know what you are wearing. Cosplay and costuming generally are designed to be worn over your outfit. They come with added features that complement your overall look, including sleeves or hip loops. Finally, corsets for sub/dom relationships come in varieties of fabrics, looks, and styles. However, they are designed to be worn without any other clothing. They come complete with skirts, garter straps, and panties.


It is very hard to shop for something if you do not understand the terminology used. The following are common words used when buying a corset.

  • Hip Gores – darts are sewn into the hip region
  • Hip Panels – a circular piece of fabric on the hip adding padding and comfort
  • Modesty Panel – fabric behind the back lacing that can be folded
  • Overbust – corset with bra cups to lift the bust
  • Underbust – waist only corsets
  • Sweetheart Bust – overbust style corset with a heart-shaped front
  • Waist Training – corsets designed to reshape your waistline and should be worn only with medical supervision

Now that you know how to shop for a corset, you are ready to dive into the online stores. It is easy to become addicted to shopping because of the vast number of styles available. You can flatter your outline, or you can add flair to your outfits. Regardless of the intended purpose, they are a comfortable way to look and feel sexier. Just be prepared to fall in love and want to own every type available.