Six Reasons You Should Consider Online Learning

If you’re considering a return to college, you’re probably weighing the options of online versus on-campus attendance. While both modes of learning offer a variety of benefits, remote learning is quickly becoming the norm, even at the most prestigious of institutions. Here are six reasons why you should consider earning your degree online.

Flexible Schedules

Remote learning offers a variety of benefits, including a flexible schedule. Going to college while working full-time is challenging, so adding in commute time and family demands can make it feel impossible. Distance learning gives you the best of both worlds; access to your courses from just about anywhere and on your own schedule. This makes earning your degree less stressful and more enjoyable as well.

Personalized Attention

In the traditional classroom setting, your professor might not be able to give you the extra attention you need. However, you have a direct line to your professor online via email, which means you no longer have to sit in limbo until the next time you go to class. You can have your questions answered quickly and also ask for extra help if you need it as well. Additionally online learning lends itself to outcome based education, meaning you can have specific conversations with instructors and advisors about personalized goals as opposed to those of the general population.

It Costs Less

Returning to college, or attending for the first time, is an investment. Aside from scholarships or federally backed loans, you’re responsible for your tuition. Online college typically cost considerably less than attending university in person. If you want to take school to the next level and not worry about exuberant loan payments, you can apply for a student loan with a private lender. Earning your degree shouldn’t equate to worrying how you’ll make the payments after graduation. Private lenders are usually able to offer better loan terms and lower interest rates as well.

Promotes Life-Long Education

Learning doesn’t have to stop because you reach a certain age. It’s a life-long experience that not only enriches your life, but also allows you to learn new things at your own pace. Attending online classes gives you an opportunity to study topics you might not have access to on campus. You can also study a variety of different courses while earning your degree that puts you in touch with others, possibly from around the world.

Teaches Accountability

Going to college online requires a certain level of self-discipline. You need to be able manage your time accordingly and complete assignments without constant reminders from your professor. In fact, there are students who need to attend traditional in-person classes to be successful. It’s important to note that needing to attend on-campus courses is perfectly okay. Everyone learns differently, so don’t feel discouraged if distance learning isn’t right for you.

Personalized Tutoring

With online degrees, you also have access to many of the same perks you have on campus. For example, you can set up one-on-one tutoring sessions at your convenience to get that extra help you might need. There are also weekly drop-in sessions where you and your peers can attend group tutoring for classes you might be struggling with.