Reasons to take masters degree in Singapore

While some people see it as a waste of time, a master’s degree opens up a world of opportunities and enriches precious knowledge and experience that are indispensable in advancing on the career path. Here are a number of reasons in favor of taking a master’s.

1. Job advancement

Many companies require a master’s degree to promote you to a higher position. In this way they want to make sure that the person holds the necessary skill and knowledge to deal with the more difficult tasks of a leadership position. A master’s allows you to upgrade your level, learn new things about your field, and get fully prepared for the transfer from a simple employee to a manager. A manager role speeds up your career growth, allowing you to create an attractive CV for the next job.

2. Competition

In the highly competitive Singapore job market, companies put those with a richer educational background first on the priority list. That is, if you hold a bachelor’s, you will easily lose a position in a big company to a candidate with a master’s. This fierce competition helps not only businesses to hire the best of the best, but also motivates other professionals to upgrade their skill to increase their chance of winning the fight for a highly-paid job.

3. Personal development

A master’s programme provides deeper knowledge about a field, analyzing its more complex aspects, which, in turn, helps the students improve their critical thinking. You are introduced to difficult processes that expand your horizons and help you become a more analytical and responsible decision-maker and problem-solver. You improve your focus, get a keener eye on details and even enhance your time management skills, since most people have a job in the course of the master’s programme.

4. Higher salary

One of the main reasons to take a master’s degree in Singapore is higher salary and bonuses. If you upgrade your academic degree, your chance of getting a better-paid managerial position skyrockets. It is not necessarily about leadership roles. You can move from a regular employee in a small enterprise to the same position in a large company, which will definitely reward you more generously. A master’s degree makes you more mobile on the labor market, opening up a variety of opportunities that a bachelor’s degree can’t provide.

5. Higher stress-resistance

Higher stress-resistance

A master’s prepares you for a higher job role in many ways. Aside from enriching you with valuable and difference-making skills, it also increases your stress-resistance, which is essential in a high-responsibility job. For one, you have to learn to control your emotions when dealing with complex information that is hard to comprehend sometimes. Moreover, combining studying and working is also stressful. By learning to manage your time efficiently and stay calm while focusing on both tasks will help you develop a high resistance to tense situations that will give you advantage at work. After all, low stress resistance reduces productivity and ruins chances of getting promoted. So a master’s programme is ideal to build up a strong personality that overcomes difficulties at ease.