How to avoid overuse injuries?

Before getting into the measures that can be taken for avoiding overuse injuries, it is very much necessary for people to be aware of overuse injuries in the basic sense. So, an overuse injury can be referred to as any injury that occurs as a result of any traumatic event, such types of injuries mostly occur in the field of sports, such injuries generally include dislocations, ankle sprains, and fractures in wrists. Dislocated fractures require the use of orthopedic implants like Hand Fracture System, Locking Compression Plate, and Multifix Tibial Interlocking Intramedullary Nail.

Factors that may lead to overuse injuries are given as follows

  • Such injuries are more likely to happen in the people who return to sports after a long break taken for healing of some injury.
  • Strength and flexibility imbalance
  • Training Errors

Now let us further see some points that can help the people in the cure of their overuse injury

  • The person should bring down the intensity time period and frequency of the injury-causing activity.
  • A hard or easy workout timetable and also cross-training with some other activities would help.
  • If the pain is less one can use ice to cure it post the activity
  • Proper warm-ups pre-activity and post-activity
  • If required one can also use inflammatory medications
  • It would be better to take training from a professional coach

If none, of this, helps then the person can always go to a sports medicine specialist and can take proper medical assistance. But as per the old man says “prevention is better than cure hence, here we will discuss some steps that one should take to prevent or we can just say to avoid overuse injuries.

In order to avoid overuse injuries given below are some steps that the person should follow

  • Do not increase training all at once: One should be careful while increasing the time duration and intensity of the training course. One is advised to increase the time duration and the intensity just by 8-10 % per week.
  • Focused Training: In the field of sports proper and focused training is not just important for becoming a world-class sportsperson but also it is necessary for keeping oneself safe from all sorts of injuries, if one would not focus on the training and would use wrong techniques in the field then that may lead to an overuse injury.
  • Proper Rest: While preparing the training timetable one is advised not to forget to add enough rest intervals into it. If one is on training for 7- 10 days then there should be at least one full day of rest added to it.
  • Good pain and bad pain: The person should be able to differentiate between good pain and bad pain, good pain would always occur after overloaded training but if the body of the person would adapt well to the training then the good pain would be gone by the next day, but if the pain remains constant and also for many days then that means one is doing more than what the body is allowing. So, one should figure it out wisely and should be careful.

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