Personality of Abraham Lincoln


Abraham Lincoln stood six feet, four inches. Grew up as a farm boy, adept in using an ax without sophistication nor stable education in his formative years, became the sixteenth president of the United States of America and was hailed as the man who freed the slaves.

What made him an exemplary and a model of virtue despite his flaws and shortcomings?


Abraham Lincoln earned the said nickname while he was working in a mercantile as a clerk. A customer came in the store, and young Abraham shortchanged a few pennies. He searched for the person and gave the right amount. Thus, he was called “Honest Abraham.”

He was recognized by his integrity in maintaining his career as a lawyer and, in due course, a politician. There are no indications of corruption during his administration. It is challenging to be honest, especially with the fields he served, but Abraham is not demanding too costly for his legal services and striving to deal with situations fairly and truthfully. And as a leader, he led other lawyers and politicians to serve in justice and fairness. These characteristics speak of Abraham. He even wrote to prospective lawyers, “Resolve to be honest at all events, and if in your judgment, you cannot be an honest lawyer, resolve to be honest without being a lawyer.” 


Abraham is very ambitious. He wanted to escape hard, manual farm labor growing up to get education for his belief that it would enable him to go beyond manual labor. True enough, his determination to learn and to help pave the way to his political career. He continually knows, and his firm principle governed him to passionately self-improve and re-invent himself.

Devoted Husband

Mary’s family expressed their disapproval towards Abraham because of his background, financial status, and political views against slavery; however, the couple fought for their love for each other and got married in November 1842.

Despite the loss of not one but three sons, Abraham remained devoted to Mary. Abraham did not neglect her when she was in her great sorrow. They were in a crucial time of the Civil War, but he remained patient. There was a remarkable disregard for his family and grew distant with his surviving sons, Robert and Tad, but he was very expressive with his sons.

Mary was developing erratic behaviors. Abraham hired a private nurse to look after her. It takes a great effort to get Mary back on her feet again.

He maintained his composure as he balanced his duty for his family and responsibility of the president. 

Empathic Leader

He showed concern and was capable of seeing different points of view.

During the Civil War, many injured soldiers and some died. Abraham makes it a point to establish solidarity and responsiveness towards the troops by personally checking on their infirmary and even on the battlefield. It undoubtedly helped strengthen their drive to victory.

Abraham was capable of acknowledging and weighing points of view, listening to various opinions to give justice and truth to his decision. He was also willing to share the credit when credit is due. Not only during success, but he also shares failure with his cabinet members willingly accepting blames and losses.

Great Communicator

His love for proses, poets, and rhetoric made him a great communicator to all walks of life. He simplifies concepts and delivers his words in a persuasive and left an impressive effect on his listeners. The wisdom of his words still lingers until today. 

After the Civil War, he concentrated on how citizens’ help can put back the nation together.

According to accounts from Abram Bergen, there’s a particular flash in his eyes that made his facial expression and body movements express his ideas and feelings more effectively to the listeners. He has an unpleasant voice, but when he starts uttering his speech, he transforms into someone else.

Funny and Witty

Yes, you read it right. Abraham may look as if he was a serious man, but in contrast, he was funny and knew how to relax. Abraham understands the importance of relaxation, and through humor, he can take the stress away. He loves to tell funny stories and jokes around; that is why he was capable of breaking the ice and encouraged laughter and fun during his administration. 

Abraham took refuge in senses of humor and jokes to concealed his melancholy. It served as his ammunition against his political rivals, that is why he had a reputation for his anarchic spirit.


What made Abraham Lincoln excellent was not his personality. He was far from perfection, but his firm principles in his personal life and leadership made him deserving of respect and admiration. Poverty can never be an excuse to hinder a person from achieving so much in life. His passion to better himself and continuously improve himself in service, notwithstanding defeat, loss, and fear, was truly commendable.