PDF Guide: Tools And Features You Must Know About GoGoPDF

Here’s a piece of great news, GoGoPDF just created exceptional tools to help you deal with your PDF. They may be new compared to their competition, but they have the best PDF tools you can ever use. By the way, before you read the article below, GoGoPDF offers its tools for free; how awesome is that? So, here are its cool and marvelous tools.

Repair PDF

It’s time to learn and know about the tool called “Repair PDF” of GoGoPDF. But first, here’s a quick question, what is GoGoPDF? If you’re a beginner or new to PDF, it’s a must that you need to learn or know first what GoGoPDF is. GoGoPDF is actually an online tool or site that you can access through your web browser, which helps you with your PDF online tasks.

Since you already know the purpose of GoGoPDF, it’s time to talk about one of GoGoPDF’s most convenient tools, which is the Repair PDF. Repair PDF is again an online tool in which you can access through GoGoPDF. This tool helps an individual with their PDF, such as damaged PDF documents or corrupted PDF files.

Repair PDF offers the most uncomplicated repair process you won’t find from other PDF sites or tools right now. By uploading any type of file or document to GoGoPDF’s Repair PDF, as long as it’s in PDF format, Repair PDF will fix your file in no time. Based on experience, the Repair PDF of GoGoPDF also provides the quickest fix compared to other PDF repair tools right now.

Aside from having the fastest repair process, the Repair PDF also provides the best quality. This means that whenever you repair your PDF using GoGoPDF’s Repair PDF tool, it’s guaranteed that you’ll have the best quality output. Furthermore, GoGoPDF also provides an excellent customer protection policy, which protects your information and details from hacks.

Compress PDF

Sometimes, you have to send your PDF to your client via email; the problem is that you couldn’t do it since the size of your file is too big. This kind of situation often happens, especially if you’re dealing with PDF. Some people may find this situation difficult to solve, but this problem is actually easy to fix if you have the right tool.

If you know GoGoPDF and its purpose, you don’t need to worry about these types of problems. Compress PDF will help you send your file via email without having trouble with the size limitation. Basically, Compress PDF reduces the amount of size of any PDF. According to GoGoPDF, it can compress PDF files up to 144 DPI, which is pretty small.

Besides its capability to resize a particular PDF up to 144 DPI, GoGoPDF’s Compress PDF also features top-notch resizing time. This means you’ll be able to see your newly resized PDF without spending hours waiting. Moreover, just like GoGoPDF’s Repair PDF, the Compress PDF also provides a Customer Privacy Policy, which again protects your file from outside threats.

Since all people are working in a fast phase environment because of modernization and technology, GoGoPDF also adopted and adjusted its system to sustain the phase. With that, GoGoPDF made a cloud storage system in which a particular member or client can save or transfer all of its files and check them anytime they want.

Share Document

This tool just makes anyone’s life more comfortable and better, especially sending and sharing PDF documents. As the title goes, the Share document of GoGoPDF will help you share your file with ease. PDF can sometimes be annoying because it’s a bit challenging to share or transfer, especially for people who aren’t used to PDF workarounds.

Luckily, GoGoPDF comes up with an idea to create a tool in which you can just upload your file to the tool, and you can share it with your recipient right away. It’s convenient, effortless, and fast. Like other GoGoPDF PDF tools, the Shar Document multi-platform and cross-browser compatibility means you can use any browser and OS with it.

Another terrific function of the Share Document is that you can share files, not just PDF files only. Formats such as JPG/JPEG, Word, PPT, PNG, PDF/A, and more. With Share Document, sharing files is not a problem at all. Now you can share files with your friends and co-worker all you want.


Unlike other online PDF tools, GoGoPDF prioritizes client satisfaction, and to achieve that; they created the best online PDF tools that can’t be compared to other PDF tools. GoGoPDF still has a lot to offer, many tools aren’t mentioned here that are also very helpful, and if you have time, you can check these tools on their site. Try it out for your document needs today!