5 Best Places to Live in Washington DC for the Best Healthcare Facilities

As a political state, majorly, Washington DC attracts a lot of people from all over the world. Some people visit here to witness the beauty and history of the place. And some look towards the state as a place to relocate and prosper. Even if you get a small apartment, you can store your extra belongings in self-storage, and your space can be put to use for much productive work. 


Washington, DC, is a great place to live in if you plan to shift from your native or existing town. It has a variety of work, which implies you get multiple choices. Plus, it has countless opportunities for recreation and a better lifestyle experience. Moving to a new place is a tough decision to make. You get a lot of queries and doubts in your head. And without getting a clarification, proceeding further is daunting.  

Fun Fact: Moving to a new city like DC comes with many adventures and fun. But the fun gets ruined by not able to get what we expected. With a constant increase in population, it gets challenging to avail of a full-size apartment at once. But the availability of self-storage units near your homes in DC makes a living much more manageable. Even for a tourist, finding a public facility is not easy. The shared storage facilities are a saviour for such frequent travellers. It will surely seize the moment of your entire trip and will make you travel to that place again and again. Being carefree is what travellers seek on their all trips.

Firstly, you must know that there are plenty of things to do in Washington, DC. There are great restaurants for all gourmet lovers, cultural activities and heritage events, entertainment, shopping, and outdoor recreation. All of the above activities insist on celebrating your decision of moving to DC. 

We all know, healthcare is a primary concern of any family. People who have senior age members and children prefer their homes near a place that offers the best health and medical facilities. It is beneficial to relocate nearby a hospital or medicinal facility so that there is no trouble in an emergency. Following is a list that we curated to help you find the best neighbourhoods with supreme health opportunities. 

  • Capitol Hill 

Capitol Hill is one of the perfect places to call home. It is a premium location, and if you are involved in politics, it is like a cherry on the cake. All the facilities here are of the best quality. From healthcare to self-storage, you get to experience the perfect lifestyle in Capitol. The closely situated hospitals include GWU Hospital at Shaw, Capitol Hill Group, Kaiser Health Plan, etc. The place is claimed to be the walkers’ paradise because of the parks and sidewalks’ greenery. It is one of the most liked sites when someone plans to shift to DC. 

  • Palisades 

One of the neighbourhoods in Washington, Palisades, is that community that gets only a few visitors. Hospitals here provide for house calls for individuals of all ages—the Sibley Hospital, Medstar Hospitals, etc. Also, you can find healthy eateries, gyms, and spas too. You can find all the requirements to stay fit near your homes. 

  • Du Pont Circle 

Du Pont circle is a historic district in the northwest region of Washington. The site is named after Samuel Francis Du Pont. It is a transportation hub and an entryway to the best areas in DC. Hospitals here include Medico USA, Holy Family Hospital and the GWU Hospital. You also do not have to go far to find the best places to workout in Du Pont are Humble Beast Crossfit and YMCA National Capital. If you look for a home here, you need not worry about your apartment’s size. The self-storage facilities are also abundant, and you can relaxingly use them. 

  • Georgetown

It is considered a premium place to live in because of the internationally acclaimed treasure that draws many tourists’ attention. And when it comes to living here, it is one of the best areas to choose from so many other options. There are many spas, gyms, healthcare and wellness centres where you can spend your day to stay fit.

 Chevy Chase

Located in northwest Washington, Chevy Chase borders a collection of similar neighbourhoods. It is close to Walter Reed National Military Hospital. Also, there is a famous hospital, the Bethesda Naval Hospital, that is great for veterans. The suburban hospital also is an excellent wellness centre. Chevy Chase is the best place if you want to be close to the centre to know what is happening. 

What do people love about Washington DC?

Washington, DC is much more than a merely famous political gridlock. People have a different notion when they hear about the District of Columbia. It was once known as the Chocolate City/ But now, it has seen an increase in the number of people living here. One can notice the number of changes in the monumental, economic and racial differences in the neighbourhood for its residents. You can now find self-storage facilities in homes with extra spaces that were never in existence earlier.

People here find DC fascinating and mesmerising. There is so much going on in the city that you find something new at every corner. Even if you ask a permanent resident, who has lived here since childhood, about the things happening around the city, he or she might also not know everything. From cultural activities to entertainment and sports events, the town of DC has so much to offer to all who come here.

The museums, climate, culture, and local people are amazing and worth noticing. The individuals who have moved here from other parts of the country believe that Washington DC is a great mix of New York cultures. The city has a lot of opportunities for growth and development. When one plans to move here, he or she opens their doors to success.