New Online Baccarat Options in 2022

Players from the United Kingdom have a rich history when it comes to casino card games, especially baccarat, and it’s possible that this is the one place in the Western Hemisphere where the game is the most popular. Along these lines, the UK players have particular wants and needs when it comes to the characteristics of the games they play in.

Side Bet Selection

The first thing to realize is that side bets are what create the flavor of any live dealer baccarat game, and when it comes to what live baccarat UK players prefer, it’s as many side bets as possible. The pair side bet is the most popular “alternative” bet to the three wagers that are a core part of the game (the player, banker, and tie wagers) in terms of how often they show up, but they aren’t necessarily the most popular among the players. This is because the pair bets, which are betting that the player or banker will be dealt cards of a matching rank (eg: jack-jack), have a very high house advantage. This clearly makes the bet unpopular with UK fans of the game, who are very familiar with what the payout rates are for the common wagers.

Other Side Bet Options

There are two main side bets that players can find in live baccarat games, and while they aren’t the easiest to find in the global sense online, they are particularly popular in what is known as EZ baccarat tables in land-based casinos. The first is the Dragon side bet, and the second is the Panda 8. They are both based on the slightly simplified rules of the EZ style of online baccarat that eliminates the need for the 5 percent commission for wins on the banker bet.

This drastically simplifies things for players and creates a situation where both the player and banker bet payout at 1:1, and this also eliminates situations where a player gets a lower payout rate on average because of rounding issues to the nearest 25 pence.

There are two main approaches to the dealers in online games. The first is that European dealers are used, and they typically wear the classic black dress or croupier uniform that everyone knows the European dealers wear in land-based casinos. However, players can also have Asian dealers with a different uniform, a different background, and a different feel for the game. This is because baccarat is the most popular casino game in the Eastern Hemisphere that uses cards, so having Asian dealers makes a lot of sense in terms of appealing to people who love this game.

Since there are many people from the United Kingdom who would love to take a trip to the Orient to play this game in an exotic location, it’s clear to see the less expensive and less time-intensive approach of playing online with Asian live dealers is a reasonable option.

Choosing a Casino

When players pick a live casino from the United Kingdom, it’s best to pick from a site that is licensed and that has a history of paying out to their players. The last thing any winner wants is to run up some big winnings only to find out that the casino itself isn’t going to process their withdrawal due to shady business practices. That can be completely avoided by playing with sites licensed in the United Kingdom because of how seriously they take the job of caring for their players and protecting them from this type of issue. Along these lines, we only recommend sites that are fully licensed and that have a strong reputation.