7 Tips to Help You Purchase Platinum Bars Online

It’s not an easy process when you’re deciding what metals to invest in and can require tons of research. However, many people choose to invest in platinum because of its high value and stability over time as an investment.

If you’re wondering how to purchase platinum bars online in a way that doesn’t compromise your information or privacy, here are some tips to guide you. When you utilise them for your next purchase, you’ll be surprised at how easy the process will be.

Find Credible Websites

When you’re looking to make a big buy, like buying platinum bars online, you can’t just trust the first website that you land on. Knowing which website to use is crucial to ensure that you are not scammed or the platinum that you buy is not of subpar quality.

You need to check the website’s credibility before you make your purchase. Depending on which country the website is based in, it will have a license and certification to operate. You should check the reviews of the website on other forums as well before you decide to buy from them.

Check Shipping Information

If you’re considering getting your platinum bars shipped directly to you, you need to check whether the place you’re buying from provides that service. Depending on your location, the shipping process can take five business days to more than two weeks.

When the product reaches you, the delivery person might require authentication from you to ensure that they’re delivering to the right person. Unless you have specifically stated so, at the time of your purchase, no one else will be able to receive the order for you. The packaging can also be discreet, if that’s what you want, provided you inform the customer support team at the time of your purchase.

Inquire into Any Hidden Charges

Sometimes, you might come across a website that seems to have very low prices for all their precious metals. When you buy platinum bars online, you might be subject to various taxes and charges you’re not aware of. These initially low prices can be an excellent tactic to attract you to buy the product but then pay more than double in hidden charges.

To ensure no hidden charges, you should be reading the fine print when you’re landing on the platinum bar you want to buy. Read through the product description and look at your final checkout price before making the payment.

Verify the Purity

To ensure that the platinum you’re buying is investment-grade, you need to check whether it has a purity card with it.

Many websites get their metals verified from a third-party service, making them more credible to their customers. Ensure that you have all the certificates and purity information after receiving the purchase details.

Storage Services

Many websites offer storage services for buyers who don’t necessarily want to keep their platinum investment with them. These services cost extra but guarantee that your investment is protected 24/7 by a capable security system.

You can look into storage services by contacting the customer support team or looking around on the website yourself.

Identification Required

When you purchase platinum bars, all legitimate websites will require identification from you. This step is crucial to prevent fraudsters, terrorists, or any other unscrupulous people from getting such precious metals.

You can provide any kind of documentation that you have available, whether it’s a driving license or your ID card. Ensure that your photo is clear and the writing is legible.


Depending on the value of your purchase, you might want to consider getting insurance. When you buy platinum bars online, many websites will offer you insurance when you’re checking out. Ensure that you’re reading fully what the insurance covers before getting it.