Looking for a Headphone? Here Are Some Popular Brands to Check Out

Headphones have become versatile pieces of electronic accessories for modern users. More than a century ago, in 1880, the early design of the headphone was made of one earpiece and was used by telephone operators. A decade later, the design took on a stethoscope-like appearance before the modern-looking design was created in 1910.  If you want some peace when you are flying, then you can look for Noise-Canceling Headphones for Airplane and have a peaceful journey.

Fast forward to the start of the 21st century, a lot of headphone designs and brands have sprung out and became available in the market.  If you need any inspiration when setting up a home studio, make sure to read this guide by prostudiogear. Some brands create designs for various users, while others target specific users, like athletes or musicians. With an overwhelming number of options for headphones, deciding which to buy can be tricky.

Read on as we check out some of the popular brands to help you make a good headphone selection.

Audio Technica

This Japanese headphone brand is a top pick among music industry professionals, DJs, and studios. The M series lineup showcases the best-known designs for immersive listening and studio work. The top contenders are ATH-M40x and ATH-M50x. The M40x offers crisp, neutral sounds, which gives users more flexibility for uses outside of the studio like critical listening of podcasts. The M50x captures an accurate sound profile, with more emphasis on bass, making it a good pick for studio use. Though the mentioned models do not have a built-in mic, the lack of itm is justified as they are designed for a studio setup and focused for listening. A lot of the headphones with a mic today perform poorly in their recording but for gaming purposes they usually are enough.

Both lines have a close fight when it comes to durability, portability, and sound quality. The M40x does come at a cheaper price and lighter weight, but the long wires can be a drawback. The M50x emphasizes comfort with its 180-degree ear cup swivel and added cable option for ease of use. The article “Audio Technica M40x vs M50x – which is the better one?” mention that it can be a tough choice choosing between the two, but ultimately depends on the user. Nevertheless, if you are looking for amazing quality and getting your money’s worth, you won’t be disappointed with this brand.


Another quality headphone brand that is well-known in the music, entertainment, and news industries is Beyerdynamic. This Germany-based manufacturer brand has a long experience in the field of sound technology. Their DT lines of headphones are excellent choices for studio use and high-quality listening experience. The neutral sound profile allows for a wide range of applications, including regular music listening. Aside from headphones that are targeted for studio use, Beyerdynamic also manufactures, intercoms, microphones, and other media devices that are used in TV and broadcast. When it comes to durability and sound quality, this brand is sure to deliver.


Here’s a US-based headphone manufacturer that has the experience and innovation under its belt. It has been in the audio equipment industry for more than 50 years and is one of the best innovators of noise-canceling headphones. This brand also caters to other audio market needs from consumers, such as Bluetooth headsets, in-ear, and mobile headphones, circumaural headphones, and supra-aural headphones. Bose is also a top audio system and speaker brand that is widely used in homes, offices, music studios, and more. Comfort, versatility, and sound quality are what Bose headphones can guarantee to the users.


When it comes to a headphone that brings great value for money, Sennheiser is one of the brands you can count on. They have a wide range of headphone models, including in-ears and over-ears types. Users can find different models that fit their sound quality preference, including high-fidelity sounds, noise-canceling features, or bass-rich sounds. If you’re on a budget but would also want to include quality, design, and durability in your considerations, you can’t go wrong with Sennheiser, as it offers all these at competitive and reasonable prices.

The audio industry market is continuously growing and developing to meet the changing preferences of users. As a result, there are many brands and models of headphones and audio equipment that are created. While variety may be a good thing, you should choose a brand and headphone that will perfectly suit your needs.