Is the Job of a Commercial Pilot Meant for You?

A pilot is a high-paying profession and claims a lot of respect. If you want to make a career in aviation, now is your time. Many pilots with experience are on an early retirement. The aviation industry is in a “desperate need” to meet this end, said the aviation expert Barry Oberholzer, a tech entrepreneur and author. He has piloted helicopters and worked in marketing and sales for companies such as Base4 Aviation, 360 Aviation, and JETT. He is also a former professional rugby player who represented the United States in two Junior World Championships as well as South Africa’s Western Province. Mr. Oberholzer’s wealth of experience has informed his career and brought many opportunities, both in South Africa as well as in the US.

On April 2022, ABC News highlighted the shortage of pilots and how concerning the situation is at present from both the industry’s and travelers’ perspectives.Let us see what jobs can you take up once you gain a commercial pilot license:

Jobs for Commercial Pilots

Once you graduate from a commercial pilot license school, here are some profiles that you may expect to be recruited for: 

  • Private and Charter Pilot – As a commercial pilot, you can work as a private or charter pilot, taking only selected people on your aircraft.  

 Charter pilots can go on small trips to some of the most exotic locations. You can visit some locations near you. You do not have to fly overnight very often and therefore you have a better work-life balance.

  • Corporate Pilot – If you are a corporate pilot, not only can you get to travel in domestic and international destinations, but you can also fly luxury planes. 
  • Emergency and Rescue Pilot – Flying is a noble profession. If you want to fly and do something even more respectable, you can become an emergency and rescue pilot. 

As an emergency and rescue pilot, you can rescue injured people from as dire situations, such as the creaks of a mountain, and carry them to the nearest places where they can avail of medical facilities. This profession will allow you to work in close association with medical professionals. 

  • Agricultural Pilot – If you work as an agricultural pilot on behalf of agricultural companies and government agencies, it will be your responsibility to spread chemical treatments to crops in large amounts for their healthy growth.
  • Cargo Pilot – It is the job of cargo pilots to transmit packages and parcels to various destinations.

How Do You Decide if a Pilot’s Job Is for You?

A pilot’s job is one of the most interesting jobs, but you must first verify whether the work-life of a pilot is suitable for you before you determine to take up this profession. Here are three quick checks to confirm if the pilot’s job is likely to suit you well:

  • You have patience. You do not find it a challenge to concentrate and make quick decisions under stressful conditions.
  • Irregular schedules do not bother you
  • You’re interested in learning new skills and sharpening existing ones.

What Are Some Benefits You Can Get as a Commercial Pilot?

 Here are some benefits you can avail of upon becoming a commercial pilot:

  •  You can take more people on countless tours, witnessing some breathtaking views of some of the exotic locations
  • People will continue to take flights for both work and leisure, your job will stay stable despite technological evolution.
  • As much as your pilot skills sharpen upon regular flying, so does your social circle, as you get many opportunities to meet new and exciting people beside your colleagues.
  • As a commercial pilot, you get many travel perks not only for yourself but for your family as well, such as a reduced ticket price.


Being a pilot is a dream of many, not just because it allows one to fly among the clouds, but also because of many other associated perks. However, note that the initial investment is also a lot. Therefore, make sure that you consider all factors and make a well-thought out judgement before making the investment.