Interesting Games to Play Online – Poker online

Love playing card games? Ever tried playing the most popular casino game which is poker? Let’s have a detailed look at what poker online is and how it is to be played.

Poker Game

A poker game is a card game. In this, a team of players plays to bet and win. A deck of cards is shuffled and then distributed equally among all three players. A particular combination has to be achieved to win the cards game. While the poker online cards are being distributed and the game is played, the players are supposed to have a poker face on with no facial expressions. Even if you as a player have all the three combination cards to win, you are supposed to announce it at last. The betting amounts are kept in the center. This game is played in rounds. The player who wins the maximum number of rounds gets the money and wins the game.

Rules of playing Poker

There are certain rules that a player has to adhere to win the poker online game. The rules are mentioned below. The initial contribution done for betting by each player in the game of poker is known as “ante”. These are to be placed in a pot. Ante is a chip that represents the currency in a poker game. After each round, either a player can raise the betting amount, float, or skip the round. The terms of call, raise, and drop is used respectively for all three situations of letting the bet amount remain the same, raising the amount, or folding and skipping the round.

Know when to bet

Poker is a game where you can only win with sufficient knowledge of winning the game. For winning the game you have to know when to bet. And this can be achieved only through experience. You can gain experience by practicing to play the poker online game in practice mode. Offline poker game is also available where you can practice it in a team. Poker can’t be played alone so for practice too you would require a group of friends. Also, practice different strategies to play the poker game.

Learn from Experts

If you are a complete beginner and have no previous experience of playing poker games, you can choose to learn poker from the experts. Yes, this is made possible by the website of oilscams. You can look at how the experts place bets and change strategies according to the current situation in the poker online game. You can play the games and win accordingly once you are confident after you learn from the professional players. The professional players too were once a beginner. So, don’t be afraid and start your journey of poker games. Remember to place small bets initially and you can increase the amount as you keep learning and become an expert.


Slots are an integral part of casinos. Slots are machines where games can be played. If you visit a casino, you will notice \that in the slots, you have to place a currency unit to bet for a game. The slot machine has a small screen that displays the output of the game. There is a red pull-down handle, which starts the spinning poker online game in the slot machine. Once it is spanned, it will come to rest and display three symbols. If all the symbols are the same, the betting person wins the game and if they are different the opposition wins.


All casinos have their currencies. You cannot use the same currency in all casinos and similarly in the websites too. The most commonly used casino currency is baht. The minimum amount you need to have in your account to register for a game is 1 baht in most casinos. You can have even more but that is what required registering. You can increase your betting amount by outing more baht in your gaming account. As you win the game, these baht’s are again transferred to real cash and deposited into your bank account. You can either withdraw all baht’s at one time or can even bit by bit. If you are not sure about which currency is used for the particular website or currency, try connecting with the support team. They will help you to know details on how you can deposit, withdraw, and the minimum required to play the online games.

Slot Games

Let’s see what all poker games are available on the website of oilscams. Below is a list of the available games. You can play any of them by registering and getting familiar with the rules.

  • Slot Online Pragmatic play
  • Slot Online Play Tech
  • Slot Online PG Soft
  • Slot Online Joker123
  • Slot Online Micro gaming
  • Slot Online Habanero

These are some of the most commonly played slot poker online games by the players of the website.


The website offers special promotions through the website. You can play games by referring your friends to the website. On referral, if your friend registers with a valid email id and bank account, both of you will receive a certain amount of discount in casino poker online games. You can play these games and earn. You can also use these discounts to unlock newly launched games that can be played on the website. The oilscams team updates the website daily with the trending and latest games available in the market. This makes them the most preferred website to play online slot games. Different offers and promotions too can be availed by regular users of the website. Once a month you too can try to win a discount by registering to the jackpot section. Players who play consistently well and win huge amounts are directly nominated to win offers and discounts. So you can either be the best player in a game to win these or can buy them yourself.


As we have come to the end of this article, we have read about various slot games, poker online games, how to play these games and what are the advantages of playing them.